Referral Openwater Diver

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If you have done the first half of your PADI Open Water Diver course then the Abyss Scuba Diving referral program is ideal for you.

If you have done the part of your PADI open water course then the Abyss scuba Diving Referral program is ideal for you. Conducted in strict accordance with PADI standards, this referral program is designed for the student who has completed the open water theory and pool sessions in their hometown but elected to do their open water training in the wonderful waters around Sydney. The referral program runs over two days with four Ocean dives. These programs normally run every Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday, Sunday. For a Premium of $450 a private course  built around your dates can be arranged for you.

To participate you require a completed Referral Form (dates within 12 months PADI or 6 months SSI  Universal Referral ).

24 Aug 2022 | 8 | 8
Ocean Dive 1
Wed 31 Aug 2022
04 hours 00 minutes
Ocean Dive 2
Thu 01 Sep 2022
03 hours 00 minutes
Ocean Dive 3
Thu 01 Sep 2022
02 hours 00 minutes
Ocean Dive 4
Thu 01 Sep 2022
03 hours 00 minutes

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