Safety GearAll divers should consider carrying these top four pieces of dive safety equipment. Cutting Tool, SMB/DSMB and Reels along with Marine Rescue GPS.

Scuba Diving Safety Gear

Finger reels are useful in many situations: Attach to your SMB Use for penetrating wrecks Use for measuring Comes in 15m, 30m & 45m lenghts Comes with clip - Read More

AU$ 33.00

The wreck reel - for all your wreck navigating needs! With an easy to use handle and lock, you won't lose your line or become entangled! - Read More

AU$ 99.00

The 1000 USB Spot light comes with 12º beam angle, one hour burn time on high, and visual battery charge indicator ( green = full • yellow = half • red = low ). The integrated USB charger means no reason to take the battery out of the light! Includes… - Read More

AU$ 172.00

T-Rex Stainless Steel Knife This multi purpose divers knife comes with all fittings for mounting on a BCD,  hose and harness T-Rex Knife is an ergonomical knife, crafted innovatively to create a perfect blend of functionality & expediency.… - Read More

AU$ 125.00

The T-Rex Titanium knife This multi purpose divers knife comes with all fittings for mounting on a BCD,  hose and harnessErgonomical knife, crafted to combine a high degree of functionality & practicality. The Titanium model is strong… - Read More

AU$ 215.00

One of the biggest problems with dive knives is corrosion and Atomic solves that issue with a beautifully crafted and honed full-tang Titanium blade. The renowned Atomic design aesthetic is apparent in the molded handle with finger grooves for a secure… - Read More

AU$ 233.10

The SUBSABRE E1 packs a punch underwater, is simple to use and robust in design, all at a very attractive price. Waterproof to 50 metres and with three modes of operation, this compact light will not let you down no matter where you take it during your… - Read More

AU$ 64.00

Sterling Leisure
Nautilus Gps

The Nautilus Lifeline has been designed with the tough in mind. With a 130-metre depth rating, and a 5-year battery life, it gives the peace of mind a diver, paddler, fisherman or any ocean goer needs to enjoy their sport with safety. Compact and hi-vis,… - Read More

AU$ 339.00

Heavy duty robust construction designed to work in strong cureents An absolute must for divers who have to decompress in high current areas Ideal for divers who may have trouble in safely completing a drifting deco stop Simple design which is fuss free… - Read More

AU$ 35.96

The Cressi Single Blade Line Cutter with Nylon Sheath is sharper than a standard dive knife and uses a marine grade stainless steel blade that can easily cut thru braided line, monofilament or any other line entanglement. The blade is easily removed… - Read More

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Available in ANSI Safety Orange or Emergency Yellow Comes with quick deploy pouch Hybrid Inflation design - Oral / Power Inflate or via regulator Ideal for CCR divers who don't have easy access to a 2nd stage for inflation Anti spill self sealing duck… - Read More

AU$ 189.00

The Hollis Marker Buoy Closed Cell is ideal compact Surface Marker Buoy popular with tech divers. It’s safety feature is the non deflating valve system, fill it with external air source using an inflator hose or manually with your mouth and it will not… - Read More

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A high visibility signaling device typically used to maintain a set depth during decompression or safety stops. This PSD is designed to be inflated by purging your regulator under the opening. Air is trapped by the unique one way duck bill valve,… - Read More

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Signal Tube

A high visibility signaling device at an economical price. A high visibility signaling device at an economical price.   There's no doubt that safety should be a top priority for anyone hitting the water and the Economy PSD can be inflated… - Read More

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