Sms Katana 2

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Depending on location, everyone’s a little bit different about how they like to set their harness up. But at the end of the day, the coolest thing is that you can set up the Katana 2 however you want. Technical divers love to modify and tweak, depending how they’ve been diving in the past, or how they were taught or how they teach their students .

The key benefit of the Katana 2 is that those people can make all of the adjustments and decisions for themselves.

  • “QFS” Quick Fit System offers fine tuning of the torso height between small and large divers for a true one size fits all
  • Design allows for an “H” or “Y” style harness configuration, depending on user preference
  • Lift capacity is 40lbs with innovative wing design to keep diver profile even lower than the competition and without the “turtle shell effect” which causes drag
  • Standard weight capacity 20lbs, to offset added buoyancy in cold water with drysuits and thick undergarments
  • Available in dual bladder configuration.

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