Oak Park

This is a massive dive site with so much to see

Oak Park  
Site Large site, diverse marine life
Experience Level Open Water
Max Depth 12m
Warnings Exit Point Important, some boat traffic
Conditions Exposed to SE to N Swell great than 0.7m, Best diving on low tide
Location Jibbon Street Cronulla

Enter either side of the pool although on most occasions the northern side is the best entry. The site improves on an outgoing tide.

Descend in about 3 or so metres along the wall due east of the south-eastern corner of the tidal pool and head east with the wall on your left. In about 5 metres depth, you will pass the Orange Nob, a conspicuous outcrop of soft coral atop an overhang. Past this the wall appears to peter out, stay at your depth of 6-7 metres and when you spot a small V-shaped section of bare sand amongst the bedrock (8 metres depth), take a left and you will notice the wall becomes quite pronounced.

The bedrock spreads out to the east over a number of ledges, great territory for spying octopus and the odd bull and eagle ray. Hanging close to the wall will reward you with an almost continuous overhang that’s the home to a number of giant cuttlefish and resident eastern blue devilfish (arguably the best spot in Sydney to spy these spectacular rarities).

After 60 or so metres, you will find yourself at a depth of 9 metres and encounter Split Rock, which is fairly self-explanatory. Here you’ll want to head east for a couple of meters, take your pick of swimming over the split or through the seemingly impassable swim through. You will encounter sand.

The wall drops in height here and doglegs around to the northeast. Follow it until it begins to break up amidst the sand and sea tulips. At this point just to the right (east), you’ll see a second reef that runs in a similar direction to your current bearing. You can choose to explore the eastern or western side.

 The eastern provides a mysterious ceramic urinal (11 metres depth) after 50 metres and only 15 metres later a small cave. This cave is about 3 metres in height, illuminated by a large fissure on the far side and has a small tunnel that runs off to the north. Do not penetrate this tunnel! A swim through it ain’t. Dense schools of roughies and bullseyes live in this cave and when in season, Port Jackson sharks can be found knee-deep.

 From here (air time permitting, it is possible to continue on to Fish Soup, Continue along the wall and when you notice kelp begins along the wall’s ridge (after 100 metres) head due east. You’ll swim over a large gully, head right and you’ll be led straight to Fish Soup, full  with aquatic life.

 Oak Park - Cronulla

Map Oak Park
  Dive Start Date  
Oak Park- Shore Dive Friday 15 Jul 2022

  • Start Date: Fri 15 Jul 2022 at 10:00

This is a double dive with the location of the site at Jibbon Street Cronulla. Oak Park is a relatively shallow dive (max 11m) but the site is massive with a large range of marine life, from cuttlefish through to schools of Old Wives. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced diver, it is a great site for everyone. Be at the store at more than 30 mins before to collect your gear and meet your dive masters before driving yourself to the site.

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Ship Rock & Oak Park - Shore Dive Sunday 24 Jul 2022

  • Start Date: Sun 24 Jul 2022 at 10:00

Located on Ship Rock Road, it wont take long to see how this site got its name. The only way to dive it, is high tide. Dropping over the wall, takes you into another world, full of pineapple fish, angler fish, decorator crabs (if you can spot them), cuttlefish and much more. Do not forget to join us after the dive at the shop for our Beer and Pizza session from 3pm to 5pm

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