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Shark Diving Sydney - An Exciting Adventure

Sharks are amazing to observe in their natural habitat. Sharks may be found all around the world, but there are several excellent shark dives in Sydney. Shark diving is an exciting and thrilling experience that will last a lifetime. Scuba diving with sharks is a fascinating and thrilling adventure that will undoubtedly get your heart racing. For both locals and tourists, shark diving in Sydney is a popular activity and a wonderful way to explore what scuba diving Sydney has to offer.

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a complete novice, there is a shark dive to suit your level of experience. With experienced guides on hand, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands throughout.

  • Magic Point

    Magic Point

    Best known for its Grey Nurse Shark Dives, but also Port Jackson Sharks, Crested Horn Sharks and Wobbegong […]
  • Nelson Bay

    Nelson Bay

     The signature dive at Nelson Bay is Broughton Island, in particular, Shark dive at the ‘Looking […]
  • Cage Diving

    Cage Diving

    The depart from and return to Port Lincoln, South Australia. The vessel has two cages; one cage is for surface […]
  • Fish Rock Cave

    Fish Rock Cave

    Located at South West Rocks, a five-hour drive north of Sydney is Fish Rock and its large grey nurse sharks. […]

When is the best time to see the sharks in Sydney?

If you want to see sharks while scuba diving, plan your trip using the following as a guide

- Grey nurse sharks are seen more often in warmer water months, with numbers peaking in April or May

- Wobbegong Sharks also like summer months

- Port Jackson Sharks (PJ's) prefer colder water and are commonly seen between July and October.

PJ's seen in Sydney July to October

Grey Nurse Sharks

A Grey Nurse Shark is the classic shark of nightmares. With a pointed snout and several rows of visible teeth, they can grow to be over 4 meters long. But don't let their appearance fool you – grey nurse sharks are actually very placid creatures that pose no threat to divers unless provoked.

 If you're looking for an exciting diving experience in Sydney, shark diving is the perfect activity for you. Come face-to-face with these amazing creatures and learn more about their vital role in the ocean ecosystem.

The grey nurse is the main shark scuba divers dive within Sydney and New South Wales.

 Grey Nurse at the Looking Glass - Nelson Bay

Protocols for Scuba Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks

Grey Nurses are scared of danger and flee as soon as they perceive it. The government has established a National Standard for grey nurse diving. It is important not to touch a Grey Nurse or any other shark we frequently encounter, but rather to stay motionless on the rock walls out of their way, which will extend their presence in the dive area before they leave to another location where they usually congregate. Underwater scooters aren't utilized to frighten away the grey nurse sharks due to the noise.


Where can I see sharks in Sydney?

If you're looking for an exciting way to see sharks in Sydney, then diving is the perfect activity for you! There are a number of locations around Sydney where you can find these incredible creatures in the wild. So put on your wetsuit and get ready for an adventure!

Some of the best places to see sharks in Sydney include:

Magic Point Shark Dive

Magic Point is one of the most popular boat dives in Sydney! Best known for its Grey Nurse Sharks, but also Port Jackson Sharks, Crested Horn Sharks and Wobbegong sharks. The dive is suitable for all levels of divers, from open-water divers to very experienced divers, and everyone is sure to enjoy diving at Magic Point!

The Apartments

Not only does the Apartments dive site have Grey Nurse in residence, but there are also tens of thousands of Promfret fish that call it home. These fish provide significant cover and safety for the resident Grey Nurse sharks from predators. The schools of Promfret's often act as lures to bring in other larger pelagic species such as Giant Trevally, Weedy Sea Dragons and many more into viewable areas around divers at the Apartments.

Shell Harbour Shark Dive

In recent years, a Grey Nurse Shark population has grown in Shellharbour. These sharks of around 1.8 to 2.3 meters in size are frequently seen in groups of up to 12 and are a thrill for both experienced and novice divers. This is an experience not to be missed whether you're a seasoned diver or just getting started. So go ahead and dive into the aquatic realm of Shell Harbour right now!

Shelly Beach, Manly

Shelly Beach is a wonderful place to explore the underwater world and see some amazing sharks. From January to June, Shelly Beach is home to juvenile Dusky Whaler sharks. You might also see other types of sharks like PJ's, wobbegong, and grey nurse , depending on when you visit. This beach is very protected and easy diving.

Shark Dive Xtreme

The Shark Dive Xtreme experience at the Sea Life Aquarium is a dive where you're guaranteed an underwater encounter with sharks. No previous diving experience is required, and you'll meet not only Grey Nurse but also scuba dive with other Sydney local marine life, including sea turtles, large stingrays, Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks, and hundreds of amazing sea creatures.

For non-divers, Shark Dive Xtreme at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the perfect way to experience sharks and other marine life.

Where can you swim with sharks in NSW?

If you want to travel a little further afield, then grey nurse sharks range up and down the East Cost of NSW. There are a number of great destinations where divers can go scuba diving with grey nurse.

Grey Nurse at Fish Rock Cave - South West Rocks NSW

How much does it cost to go shark cage diving in Australia?

Great white sharks can be found in all major oceans and can grow up to 6 meters in length. Cage diving with great whites is not for the faint of heart, but it is an incredible experience. If you're looking for an adrenalin rush, cage diving with great white sharks is sure to give you a thrill.

Shark cage diving in Australia is an activity that should be on every adventure lover's bucket list. You cannot cage dive in Sydney and if you want to cage dive you should go to Port Lincoln. Rodney Fox is the man credited with inventing cage diving, and his company offers tours off the coast of Port Lincoln. A 3-day Great White Shark Expedition costs approximately $2000.

 Great White Cage Diving with Rodney Fox

Shark diving in Sydney is an exciting adventure that is suitable for both experienced and novice divers. There are many different types of sharks to choose from, so it is important to do your research before you book a dive. Whether you want to swim with the Grey Nurse of Magic Point or any of the other species of shark around Sydney, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable shark dive experience.

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