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Albatros Passage is my Favourite Dive

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I was just on email to Cara and Dorian in Kavieng PNG and it made me remember why Albatros Passage is my favourite dive. It was not only the big fish and the little Pygmies sea horses that made it exciting it was also the current and the flying on the reef hooks!

Flying on a reef hook

Flying on a reef hook at Albatros Passage

Albatros Passage

After a nice little boat trip around to the site you can look over the side and see where the shallow water end the  drop off starts. As this area is a passage the water moved really fast at certain times.

So the plan is to get dropped off the wall and let the current take you back where you sit in 3.0m+ and watch all the big fish action. So we will all do a backward roll together and head to the bottom. The vis is 30m plus and so we can all see each other. We hit the sand and sit the watching sharks, barracouta,  GT’s and loads of other big fish. After a while I turn around and check out the wall behind us. It was covered with very impressive big fans and I saw Dorrian looking at something with his magnifying glass.. I head over to see what it was and find that he was looking at a pygmie sea horse. These little guys are so cute & small, I do not now how he finds them as they are only the size of 3 about grains of rice. Anyway there was not long to check them out as deco time was commig so I get my reef hood ready and head up the wall to about 8m.

At 8m I hook into the reef and kind of fly… this is the fun bit. I could still the the biog fish in from of my. The current was so strong my snorkel was pushed around to the back of my mask. Well now my air was getting low do I headed up the line and jumped back on the boat were I was exited to talk about the dive with the rest of the group.

We have another great trip planned to  Kavieng 24 September – 2 October 2011.



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