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A Night, Wreck Dive in Sydney Harbour – Exciting!

If you hear a dive described as exciting, fun, challenging, scary & different from 5 different divers you would think they had all been on a different dive. Well not when it comes to diving on the wreck of the Currajong at midnight in Sydney Harbour. I certainly  felt all of this and some…

TSS Currajong

Diving the wreck of the Currajong is not for the faint hearted. It is in Sydney harbour, in the ferry lane. You have to dive it at midnight so as not to effect the ferry traffic. She lays just off Bradleys Head in the Sydney Harbor shipping channel in 24m of water with her deck in 18m.

It was on an evening  in 1910, that TSS Currajong entered Port Jackson and headed up the Harbor.  Unlucky for her another huge passenger liner was heading out of the harbour on the wrong side of the channel and they collided. Almost immediately the Currajong started sinking and sadly the Helmsman , Hans Neilson was killed.

Sonic Scan of the TSS Currajong

I am not sure if it is the fact that it is midnight and you are heading off on a boat for a dive. Or maybe just the fact that it is a night wreck dive. Or maybe the fact that you are right in the harbour. Or I guess a combination of all these things that make it an exciting, fun, challenging, scary, different dive that you will always remember.

This dive is not know for it’s great vis but for keen wreck diver and night divers it is a lot of fun. Do not attempt this one unless you are very comfortable in the water at night.

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