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Cade Butler – Journey Around the World

Cade did his IDC here at Abyss and has now spent his life travelling and diving around the world. He has had the opportunity to work at some amazing places and see things people can’t even dream of!! Check out some of the experiences he has had since doing his Instructor Development Course

Doing my instructor training with Abyss changed my life!

In the years since early morning starts at Kurnell and Oak park I’ve fed sharks, dived with whales, had close encounters with hammerheads, swam with dolphins, met curious turtles, played with sea snakes, explored the far reaches, had the time of my life, met amazing people, worked on luxury boats, learnt a lot,  got a sun tan and got paid for it!

Cade took this photo of his girlfriend free diving a Cenote in Mexico


It’s taken me from the south of Sydney to the GBR of far north Queensland. Exploring freshwater Cenotes of Mexico to the salty Red Sea. From snorkeling with monstrous whale sharks in Honduras to Pygmy sea horses in Australia. From the famous Blue Hole in Belize to the much less known Cade’s Bommie or the C-bomb! On Mackay reef. From diving with bull sharks in the shallows of Costa Rica to descending in a home made submarine to 620m in the Caribbean!

Every day a new adventure. It’s been hard work but i wouldn’t change a single day of it! Doing my Pro training with Abyss was the best choice i ever made.

Now I’m off to Dahab  in Egypt for Christmas while awaiting the arrival of the Basking sharks in the UK!


Stop thinking about it and live it.


Cheers Cade.




A close encounter with the giant kind in Honduras