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Cave Diving Training in Thailand

In November this year Abyss Scuba Diving will be running a cave diving expedition to Thailand for non certified cave divers to do their full training right up to TDI Full Cave.

What a beautiful place to wake up to!

Khao Sok, Thailand is the perfect place to do your cave diving training. It is actually quicker and easier to get to Thailand than to areas in Australia where you would do your training! There are heaps of other reasons why Thailand is a great spot to do your cave diving courses:

– Caves are shallow: more dive time!!

– No flow in the caves means no water movement so you will be much more comfortable in your training and it will be easier to pick up all the new skills without also having to battle water movement.

– Warm water: Between 25 and 28 degrees mmmmmmmmm 🙂

– Scenery is amazing both above and below the water

There are so many great reasons to do your training in Thailand, I’m sure you can think of more, me personally, I can’t wait to ride an elephant and eat real Thai food for 12 days, as well as the cave diving 🙂

This is going to be an amazing trip, if you have ever wanted to get into cave diving, have done a little bit and want to finish your training, or even fully qualified and want to dive somewhere a little different, come along, it’s going to be a great trip!

Fil Gray, our instructor who will be teaching the courses on the trip, came into our shop to give a presentation on cave diving, cave diving training and cave diving in Thailand. For those of you who couldn’t make the night I have made a video of the presentation in 2 parts. You can check them out below.



It is going to be a fantastic trip and hopefully the start of some great cave diving travel. We would love to dive the Cenotes in Mexico, the caves in Florida, Bahamas, and much, much more. Can’t wait!

For more info on the trip visit our cave diving trip page on our website. Or contact us at the shop, (02) 9583 9662.

See you there!



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