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Get Abyss on your iPhone

Want constant access to dive conditions, dive travel and our huge diving calendar? Of course you do!! If you’re an iPhone user you can create your own Abyss Scuba Diving ‘app’ that you can access straight from your home screen. Check it out….

Visit Our Mobile Site

First thing you need to do is visit on your iPhone. Then hit the button at the bottom that looks like a little square with an arrow inside it.

Add to Home Screen

If you have the latest iPhone iOS6 software it will look like the below photo, if not it will look slightly different but either way select “Add to Home Screen” option.

Name Your App

You have the option to choose any name for your new Abyss Scuba Diving app. We suggest “my favourite dive shop” 😉


And there you have it, your very own Abyss Scuba Diving app that allows you access to all things diving in Sydney and around the world, straight from your iPhone home screen!

(Please no comments about Samantha’s iPhone wallpaper, we already know it’s lame)