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Risks of encountering a dangerous shark

Abyss Scuba Diving has certified in excess of 10,000 divers and have been teaching diving in Sydney every week for 12 years. In all that time we have never seen a dangerous shark. Although the risks of encountering a dangerous shark in Sydney are negligible, to ensure your peace of mind, we teach all our open water courses under the protection of a Shark Shield.

Shark Shield is the world leader in electronic shark deterrent technology. The electronic shark defence system has been scientifically tested and proven protection against a shark attack. Shark Shield is a pioneer in shark deterrents having been involved for over twenty years in the development of electronic shark deterrents to help protect against shark attacks.

Predatory sharks such as great white sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks and mako sharks to name a few, all have short range sensitive electrical receptors known as Ampullae of Lorenzini. The Shark Shield electronic shark deterrent technology creates a non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasm causing the shark to flee the area assisting to avoid the risk of shark attack.