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What’s to be Seen While Learning to Dive in Sydney

When people enquire about a PADI learn to dive course they often ask “what will I see” and my answer normally is that you will be amazed what you will see as you dive around Sydney.  A recent study revealed that Sydney has more marine species than any other harbour in the world. Some 600 marine animals have already been identified and we can be sure that there are more to be found. One of the great attractions of diving around Sydney is its abundant marine life.

I remember one particular first dive of a PADI open water course at Bare Island as the students entered the water there e was a turtle munching on the kelp and it stayed at their feet for a 2 to 3 minutes before swimming off.

Turtle in the water around Sydney

Turtles can be seen on your open water course

On most dives during their learn to dive course, student divers will get to see a Blue Groper. These friendly  blue fish grow in size of up to 1m  and follow divers around on most dives.

Blue Groper

Blue Gropers are seen on most dives

During most courses in Sydney, divers are lucky enough to see weedy seadragons. Weedy Seadragons are only found in southern Australian waters, they are weird and mystical looking, not quite seahorse, not quite fish.

Weedy Seadragon

Weedy Seadragons are only found in southern Australian waters

One of the weirder that divers see during their open water course is the Giant Cuttlefish. The Giant Cuttlefish is generally found hiding in caves and crevices and is generally very curious when approached by divers. When divers approach they will often come forward to investigate and they appear to like divers objects that have bright fluorescent colours (such as green and pink).

Gaint Cuttlefish

The Giant Cuttlefish is generally found hiding in caves and crevices

Along with these more exotic creatures there is just so much to see,  the sponge gardens around Sydney do not have the colours of the great barrier reef but  are still very beautiful  and you get a chance to investigate these on most learn to dive courses.  Added to this you are likely to see schools of fish  along with an array of other creatures.

There is just so many wonders in the waters around Sydney and most students on their learn to dive course are amazed at what they see.

Sponge Gardens

The sponge gardens around Sydney