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Scuba Diving with Seals

The Australian fur seal is commonly seen in south eastern Australian waters, from Seal Rocks in New South Wales down to Tasmania. For scuba divers the closest easily accessible seal colony from Sydney in on the small group of 5 Islands just off Wollongong.

The Australia Fur Seal is an amazing swimmer and diver, diving in excess of 150 m in search of its food. Its diet consists of squid, octopus, rock lobsters and fish. The seals eat their prey whole and later regurgitate the bones.

Australian Fur Seals

Scuba diving with seals is one of the most thrilling underwater experiences imaginable.

Scuba diving with seals is one of the most thrilling underwater experiences imaginable. Seals are one of the most fascinating creatures you can ever dive with. All they want to do is play with you, and if you don’t want to play with them then they will find another scuba diver or something else to play with. The seals love to show off their agility, tug your fins and copy your somersaults

During the seal season which begins in early June Abyss Scuba Diving organise regular day trip to scuba dive the seal colony on the islands off Wollongong. Seals are highly fond of company and extremely inquisitive. As soon as the boat approaches the island the seals usually all make a mad rush to the water, they just love playing and coming to investigate those strange new marine creatures with large tanks on their back.

In order to maximise the interaction Abyss Scuba Diving only run small groups 5 scuba divers plus a dive master. Over the years it has been found that the seals interact much better in small groups. To alleviate the fear of shark while diving with seals the dive master carries a shark shield during these dives.

Scuba Diving with seals is a very popular activity and because of the small numbers of scuba divers in each group, the boats fill very fast. If you are interested in diving with the seals then make sure you book you place on the seal dives early.