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The Buoyancy module of the PADI Advanced Course

Do you want to glide though the water like a manta ray, use less air, increase the life of your dive gear, see more marine life or just increase your diving fun? If yes then getting your buoyancy right is what you need to work on!

One of the most important and beneficial modules you can do in your PADI Advanced Open Water Course is Peak Performance Buoyancy . The reason this module is so important to your development as a diver, is because it teaches you master buoyancy, which is one the most important skills needed to dive. You can learn to improve buoyancy over time spent in the water, but often divers are put off diving because this can take some time, and they will often struggle until they master this.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy module teaches you how to maximise your bottom time, comfortability and safety underwater through skills and techniques such as: correct weighting and trim, buoyancy control through breathing, multiple methods for hovering, streamlining, and efficient fin kicking.

Bouyancy Control

Learning to swim through hoops

Being correctly weighted and having the correct trim are two of the easiest skills to master, but are often the things that most divers are not. Being over or under weighted causes buoyancy control problems and improper trim causes drag. Both cause damage to the aquatic life and the diver, increasing work rate and breathing, which all in turn make it harder to dive.

All of these skills and techniques that you will learn in the Peak Performance Buoyancy module of the PADI Advanced open water Course will help make your diving much easier.

Bouyancy Control

Glide though the water like a manta ray