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What is the Deep Advanced Dive about?

When it comes to the PADI advanced open water course I find it is the deep dive that people are most nervous and excited about. It is for this reason it is so important to have the knowledge and instructions for deep dive so it is safe and fun!

Lets clear up a few worries straight up. On  a deep dive it is generally no harder to equalise you’re your ears. If you can clear you ears in 5 m you should be able to clear your ears in 30m. It is actually easier to clear the deeper you go as there is not as much pressure change. You do not feel any more pressure, it feels no different on your body a 10m as it does on 30m. this is because you body is mainly made up of water and you equalise any air spaces as you descend. It is not dark and scary, most people to not know they are at 30m until they look at there gauges. We descend slowly on the course so it is quite easy. Yes you do use your air faster but you just need to check it more often. The instructor will keep an eye on it as well and remind you to check it.

Boat Dive

Heading out to dive the wreck of the Adelaide

The best thing about deep diving is what you get to see. Generally you do not do a deep dive to see a reef it is usually a wreck that you are heading down to see. Most wrecks that are in less than 30m are quite broken up from the sea so it is normally the deeper ones that are more in tact and I would say a better dive!

Deep Dive

Heading to the bottom on a Deep Dive

You may also be doing a wall dive that calls for the need to go a little deep and check out something below. I am sure you do not want to be held back through your lack of experience and training when everyone one else gets to drop down and check out that flash light claim in 25m of water.

So go on that the next step and do the advanced open water course. You will love the deep dive on the HMAS Adelaide it is all the instructors favourite dive and I am sure it will soon become yours!

phone home

Calling home from the bottom of the ocean