Dive Gear

Your Dive Gear

Having your own dive gear will make your diving more enjoyable as it will fit you perfectly and will be more comfortable, you will know how it works and the best of all it’ll make gear rental cheaper!!

It’s good to think of buying your gear in two phases, firstly the basic gear you need for scuba and snorkelling (the software) then secondly the major pieces of life support – regulator & BCD (the hardware).


Diving more enjoyable when the gear fits perfectly

Choosing a Mask

A dive mask is very important, it enables you to see everything around you and what’s the point of diving if we can’t see all the cool stuff! A good quality silicon mask will mould to your face and not leak, so don’t lend it to your friends as it’ll take time for it to fit to your face perfectly again!


Choosing a Snorkel

As you have learnt a snorkel is as important for diving as it is for snorkelling. The important things are that it should be self-draining, is durable and have a silicon section so that it drops away from your face when not in your mouth.


Choosing a Fins

Fish don’t have legs or arms for the simple reason that fins are the best way to move through water. So if you’re going to play in the fish’s territory, you need a good set of fins too. Choosing the right pair is important to prevent muscle fatigue and cramping. Good fins will enhance your enjoyment of diving; bad ones can ruin it. Split fins are considerably more efficient than conventional blade fins and the V12 fins even come with a lifetime warranty!


Choosing a BCD

The BCD is the most complex piece of dive equipment you’ll own and one of the most important. So choose carefully based on correct size and fit. Before you try on BCs, slip into the exposure suit you’ll wear most often. Look for a BC that fits snugly but doesn’t squeeze you when inflated. The acid test: inflate the BC until the overflow valve vents. The BC should not restrict your breathing. While you’ve got the BC on, test all valves for accessibility and ease of use, then make sure the adjustments, straps and pockets are easy to reach and use. This is an important piece of equipment that you can expect to use for many years. Don’t skimp; go for quality. You would not buy a car without test driving in so do a test dive in the BCD. The BCD is all about comfort. You can ready what a computer or regulator does a BCD is a very personal thing.


Choosing a Scuba Regulator

You’ve got to do your homework to find the best regulator available for your budget. The best scuba regulators can deliver a high volume of air at depth, under heavy exertion even at low tank pressures. Think about the type of diving that you intend to do, talk to the Abyss staff, and your instructor. Go for a reputable brand with a good warrantee and parts for life.


Choosing a Computer

Nobody enjoys using the dive tables, but they’re an invaluable tool for safe diving. Dive computers are an even better tool for the same reason a laptop is better than a slide rule. Begin with an honest evaluation of your diving needs—do you plan to use mixed gases someday to do decompression diving? Talk to us, study the features of different computers and choose the one that offers the mix of features you need at the best price.