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In Search of Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks – Up close and personal with the largest fish in the world!

Swimming with Whales sharks

Swimming with Whales sharks is on the top every divers bucket list

Swimming with Whales sharks is on the top every divers bucket list… And from what we all experienced I can definitely see why. 2 weeks ago a group of 14 divers from Abyss Scuba Diving travelled to the Maldives to experience all that the Maldives has to offer. We knew that Whale Sharks frequented the waters there, but where not 100% that we would get to actually see one. Well we where very lucky…

We where aboard the live-a-board the SY Maldives Siren which is a 34 meter luxury sailing yacht. After about 7 days of diving some of the best reef in the world, we decided to make our way to outside of the Ari Atoll which is world renowned for it Whale Sharks, and its year round Whale Shark research.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Dwarfed by the Whale Shark

After passing up the coast close to a steep drop off, the call was made to kit up as we had located a Whale Shark! The team of divers kitted up and boarded the tenders and drove up current of the shark. It was almost as the Whale Shark knew just how excited we all where and slowed down to a soft glide allowing us to spend over 20 minutes with it without exiting the water.

I had only see one from the surface once before, but never had the chance to enter the water to swim with one. I knew they where big, but honestly I didn’t really prepare myself for just how big it was going to be.

Whale shark

A very big fish

The biggest Whale shark that has ever been accurately measured was 12.18m and apparently they have been less accurately reported to grow to 18m in length! Can you believe that!

I was dwarfed by the Whale Shark that we sighted and it was only a baby – About 6 meters long. Check out the photos taken by the amazing photographer who was on board named Shafraz Naeem, aka ‘Shaff’. He works onboard the SY Siren and was one of the guides for our group that day. The photos are just amazing.

I am the one in the gliding along with the whale shark in the deep blue! It really was something else…

We also had a few GoPRO’s that where taken with us and we compiled a compilation of what we experienced. Check it out.

You know, there are moments in your life that just make goose bumps form on your arms, and that tingle run down your spine every time you think about it. Well this was one of those moments. When we re-boarded the Siren, everyone was speechless. It took everyone a few moments to take in just how lucky we where to get to share a special moment with the worlds largest fish!

The worlds largest fish

Share a special moment with the worlds largest fish!


If you to would like to swim with whale sharks then check out our Whale Shark trip coming up in October.