Dive Travel

Report from the Maldives

Staring out the window of the plane it was impossible to see land anywhere big enough to land. All we could see was turquoise water, white sand and coral atolls everywhere… Honestly as far as we could see. When we neared sea level a small strip of land appeared below us. We had just landed in the Maldives. 14 divers strong, we boarded our luxury yacht for 10 days on a journey of a life time.


Dive Trips are fun

A Fun Trip

Currently we are 4 days in and sailing through North Ari which is just West of Male’ the capital of Maldives. We have already done some of the best diving i have ever experienced, and have been told it is just going to get better and better as the trip goes on.


Diving the Maldives

The group has been enjoying every day,

We have been having lots of laughs with some of us going troppo already. lol


Lion Fish

Tropical Fish Life

Every dive we have been buzzed by sharks, massive dog tooth tuna & GIANT GIANT trevally’s, eagle rays, bull rays and endless other pelagic’s. There has been every pretty reef fish you can imagine, and swim throughs and caves to die for.


Because of the coral formations that make up the Maldives, every atoll is surrounded by thila’s which are large over-gowing mushroom like formations that are skirted by overhands and caves. Lucky for me I have my Hollis SMS 50 Sport which is the perfect rig for this type of diving. I am able to explore every nook and cranny and really get the most out of the dives.


Dive Briefing

The group has been enjoying every day

The group has been enjoying every day, with some of the best diving any of us have ever done, along with some of the best food and customer service we have experienced on a dive live-a-aboard.


Well, i better sign off and get back to sun bathing on the bow of the Yacht and will speak to you all later.


Over and out…