Why Abyss Scuba Diving

Plan you diving around Sydney

Abyss Scuba Diving has between 100  and  500 activities scheduled on its dive calendar at anytime.  The schedule includes such activities as  Guided Shore Dive   Boat Dives  Local Dive Trip    Major Trip    Night Dive    Pro Courses   Rescue Course    Seadragon Survey       Shark Dive      Speciality Courses    Technical Diving   Wreck Dives  Advanced Course     First Aid Training  and Social Event .

When you first open the Abyss Dive Calendar  you will see all the activities planned for the next 30 days. It is simple to do a sort by month or by activity with an option give for any month for which activities are planned. By clicking on the Activity, you can obtain more details and book your self on. Booking online this way will gains you online discounts for things such as gear rental.

Sydney Dive Calendar

Choose the date range to meet your needs

If you wish to to see when a particular type of diving is occurring then you click on the right hand drop down menu and it gives you the choice of 17 different types of diving related activities. Simply by clicking on your choice of the drop down menu, then you get a list of all that type of activities that Abyss has scheduled.  The choices includes Boat Dives Guided Shore Dive  Local Dive Trip Shark Dive Major Trip Speciality Courses along with Social Event and much more. Again you can find more details and book the activity by clicking on the link at the activity.

Sydney Dive Activities

Choose the type of activity that interest you

Peter Letts