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Night Diving in Sydney

Ever wondered what your favourite dive site looks like during the night? Come for a night dive with Abyss!

Ever wondered what it is like to night dive?

Ever wondered what it is like to night dive?

Abyss runs Night dives every few weeks for those divers that want to experience something different. These dives are open to advanced or Night Specialty divers or divers undertaking the Advanced Open Water course. These dives are very popular as they allow divers to develop their diving skills and experience while being able to explore something new and exciting.


Night dives allow you to almost re-discover your favourite dive sites in a completely different environment. Even at night, dive sites can look completely different and can really test your navigation skills. One thing that is really interesting with night dives is being able to see the different marine life that is active during these times.

The marine life during the night is very different to which you are used to during the day. While our familiar marine life is hiding away sleeping, many of the photosensitive creatures come out and freely roam the dive sites. You will see Urchins scattered everywhere on the dive sites, and find that Octopus and Cuttlefish are more active at night. You may also find new marine creatures that you’ve never seen before.



Abyss run night dives at multiple dive sites around Sydney, some which can only be dived at night. From sites such as Oak Park, Ship Rock (dependent on tide), Bare Island and also the Currajong wreck in Sydney Harbour. Particularly the Currajong is an interesting night dive as the wreck itself lies underneath the Manly ferry and Jet cat route so can only be dived at night after 1am when the ferries have stopped. This particular dive runs every 2 months. Regular night dives run every few weeks, and on special occasions such as Halloween.


If you haven’t already done a night dive, book on our next one and come join the adventure!