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Fiji Shark Encounter Trip

Easter Fiji Shark Encounter Trip

Over the past 10 year I have had numerous diver come into the shop and show me there up close and person shark dive footage from Fiji so I have always wanted to go and check it out for myself. Finally I got there a week ago and I was very impressed with our Fiji Shark Encounter trip. Definitely worth checking this one out. I will head back there again.

It was an Easter weekend that a team of 20+ abyss mates headed over to Fiji. Non of us had done the trip before so we were all very excited about what we were going to see both above and below the water. It is a mixed bunch from tec divers to divers that have been everywhere to first time oversesa dive tripper and even a few kids.  This trip was our first family friendly trip and worked really well. Looking forward to the next one.

The morning began at Sydney airport with a champagne breakfast without the breakfast before a quick 4 hour flight over to Fiji. The kids and the adults were all well behaved and happy to arrive in sunny Fiji. Then come the not so fun bit the 2+ hour bus trip to the resort. Although were we in air con comfortable bus with some cool tunes it seemed to take forever. The pain was eased with an esky of alcoholic beverages along the way but we were all definitely excited to arrive at our resort Uprising.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the super friendly resort staff after the long trip and checked into our nice room. Although it was dark I already had a feeling that the trip was going to be a lot of fun. We had a great group on the one and the resort was lovely. Now all we needed was some excellent diving.

As this was our first family trip Carl and I were sharing the diving, along with Sarah and Ryan. So it was mummy day care today while the dads and the rest of the team headed out for  dives. Sarah and I had a nanny to help us with the kids and spent most of the time hanging by and in the pool. The rest of the crew were of doing a double reef dive. As the dive shop was close and the dives sites were not long trips they were all back by lunch to spend the afternoon together what was perfect for families or non diving partners. I managed to sneak in a single afternoon reef dive with a few divers in the group.  Everyone come back  from the reef dive with a smile on their face.  The water was warm, vis was good and apparently there was a  so  called tiger shark siting but no photos to prove it!

The afternoon drinks began with some supreme nice cocktails and I was thinking tonight is going to be a big night. The plan was a fire on the beach, local dances, kava  and a big feast. Lucky we had the nanny to stay with the kids so we could chill out and enjoy the night. After dinner the music was turned up and the dancing began. Lets say the dancing ended on top of the tables but everyone pulled up well the next morning and was excited about the shark dive.

big tiger shark came in

A Big tiger shark came in

Once again sarah and I were left behind with the pool, kids and the nanny (the best was saved for the last) and everyone else headed off for the double morning shark dive. We enjoyed the sun shine with the kids and were lucky enough to have a group of fit Fijian rugby guys call past to use the pool…

After the shark dive everyone returned on a high. Lots of photos and video to show of so I was super exited that I was doing it the next day. That afternoon some people walker into town, others got massages, some felt the need for a nap but I think most of us made it back for sun downer duty free drinks on the beach prior to dinner.  Dinner was great and there was lots of excitement about the dives done that day. There was plan for the best photos opportunities for the next day and the night was all done and dusted relatively early.

The next day was daddy day, seeing Carl and Ryan with the nanny and the kids while the rest of the group, including sarah and myself this time, heading out for the shark dive. We knew it was going to be good, but were excited by the guides banging on the take when a big tiger shark come in…. there was shark everywhere but when the tiger arrives they knew who was boss.  It was so graceful, look so strong and big. I could see the excitement on everyone faces even the more experienced divers who had done plenty of shark dive in the past were impressed.

Once back on the boat everyone was super excited including myself and ready to get back in there for the second dive.  I have done a lot of shark dives but this one would top the list for action. You are up close and there is heap and heaps of sharks. It is all very controlled and I felt very safe and everyone just loved it.

I have been very spoilt and lucky enough to dive some of the best reefs in the world. I would certainly head back to dive the shark dive again. I have done them before but this was the best one I have done. May have been just the day but I loved it. To be honest the reef  dive was good but I would not go back for the reef dives at this location. It was the shark dive I was there for!

The resort we stayed at was great, very relaxed and comfortable. The staff were great and the nannies we had were a god send..  the only change I would have made was to extend the trip by one day so we could have done the white water rafting. It worked well having all afternoon free (as the dives were finished by 1pm) but after we had lunch and a relax there was not enough time in the day to check out the other activates. Looks like I will have to get back there for the white water rafting, jet skiing, horse ridding and massages at another point.

We are planning another Fiji Shark encounter trip very soon you should join us or join us on one of our many dive trips around the world.

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