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Staying Warm While Diving

If you have been diving for a while I am sure you know that the best time for diving in Sydney is July to September. At this time the sea are unbelievably flat and the visibility is great. We are  able to dive sites that we can not do in the summer months such as cape solander, Voo Doo and shark point as the seas are flatting off with the westerly wind.

port Jackson Shark

Diving Cape Solander

The marine life changes bringing the loved Port Jackson sharks out, cuttlefish mating and even the whales migrate. You feel quite small when you are on a dive at Cape Solander and you can hear whales singing while laying on the bottom seeing your bubbles hit the surface and break. All sounds good but yes I know the water is starting to cool off. This year make a plan of action to stay warm and enjoy the best time of year to dive. Following are a few handy hints..


There are a number of simple things you can to ensure you enjoy you diving at the prime time of the year around Sydney:

Hoods & vests Invest in a hood or even better a hooded vest. You have the choice of lavacore or neoprene. Neoprene is cheaper and warmer but not as comfortable as lava core. 70% of heat loss it out of your head, so wear a hood while you dive and a beanie between dives.

Gloves- If you have holes in your gloves or they are compressed now is the time to upgrade. Your hands have a big surface area for heat loss. Wear some nice warm dive gloves.. Keep them warm.

Socks- Just ask Carl how much he loves his dive socks. If you find your little feet are getting cold in your boots, maybe they are getting a little thin, dive socks may be what you need. They not only keep your feet warm they also help you get your suit on.

Rug up Between Dives Very often the coldest water we get in Sydney is in January but nobody has an issue with that because they warm up between dives. In the colder month, standing around in a wet wetsuit only results in a continued drop in body heat.  To over come this problem, make sure you put a jacket  and beany on  between dives.

 Still feeling the cold? – Maybe it’s time for a new suit!

Wetsuits the best wetsuit  you can get is a semidry. These suits allow a small amount of water in. they work by your body warming the water up and them it acting as an insulating layer. You do not want a continuing flow of water going through your suit as this takes the heat away from your body. So get a suit that fit week and has good seals. I recommend the Hollis SD7 Semidry.

Come on in treat yourself to a new suit if you are getting cold. It will make a big difference.


Drysuit - the ultimate way to stay warm

Drysuit – the ultimate way to stay warm

If after all that you still fell the cold the the next step is a Drysuit .

Drysuit diving– Want to stay completely dry… except for you head and hands. No need to worry about the cold water at all. A drysuit is certainly an option for the cold fish, or long bottom time divers amongst us.  It is certainly a strange feeling the first time you do a dive dry but one you are sure to like. If this is a step you want to take come on in and talk to us and we can give you some help and advice. Do the drysuit course it will teach you about the suit options and give you a chance to try diving dry.  Drysuit diving certainly has some techniques that are different to wetsuit diving. By doing the dry suit course you will learn how to dive in it comfortable avoiding squeezes, feet first ascents and getting wet.. During the drysuit course we also look at drysuit care.

The best time for diving in Sydney is July to September. But to get the most out of your diving  you must plan to stay warm. There are a number of simple things you can to ensure you enjoy you diving at the prime time of the year around Sydney.