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Muck Diving – Sydney


What is Muck Diving?
One of my favourite types of diving in Sydney is muck diving, Sydney has some of the most unique and cool creatures that like to hide amongst the muck. Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites, typically a muddy or ‘silty’ dive area, in Sydney these dive sites are generally found deep inside Botany Bay, down the river in Port Hacking or even parts of Sydney Harbour. Why muck dive then? Because you find the most unusual animals hiding amongst the muck. To be honest you either love it or hate it, everyone I have dived with absolutely loves it.


Diving in a very silted up area isn’t appealing to most people, but as soon as you dive these sites with someone that knows what they are looking for it will blow your mind. I would never have thought we get so much cool stuff in Sydney. The best spots in Sydney are the areas with a lot of vegetation such as sea grass and surprisingly places with a lot of rubbish that the cool critters make their homes in. Like this Seahorse reading the newspaper, keeping up with local trends.


What will you see?
There is so much to see on every muck dive, it is not like any other dive you will do. You won’t be swimming long distances underwater; generally you will spend the dive covering a very small area. Most of these dives are covered in Seahorses (in all different colours and sizes), which are my favourite! You also see Anglerfish, Blue Ring Octopus, bobtailed squid, Striped Pyjama Squid, Pygmy Seahorses, Mourning cuttlefish, Shrimp, Red Indian Fish + much more! These are the best creatures for people who love Macro photography; these animals don’t tend to move much and are quite tiny.

Anglar Fish


When is the best time to dive?
My favourite time to dive is at night, I find the smaller stuff a lot easier to see once you shine your torch on it. But some of the more bizarre animals tend to come out, like your striped cuttlefish, bob tailed squid and shrimp. I quite often go out night diving to these locations after work; there is something really relaxing about searching for these unique and cool animals at night.