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Over the next 12 months we have a heap if great trips scheduled that will cater for all divers levels and desires. All the trips are guided by an experience instructor that is there to help you both above and below the water on your trip. Most trips fill about 6 months out so make sure you book early so you do not miss out. With the majority of the ones for this year trips being  already full, we have Sam taking a group to Komodo and  Rach taking a group to Fiji get your name down for next year trips asap. If you are keen for something a little sooner there is a couple of spots left on the Galapagos trip in August and then the next ones with availability are over the Christmas period.

Ok lets look at what exciting destinations you could be checking out!


Dec 2014
Then we move to the Christmas period, take advantage of the christmas break and get away to a beautiful island. Come back relaxed and ready to start the new year off with a bang. We have 2 trips over this period a Hide away island in Vanuatu and a Solomon islands trip to munda.

The Hide Away Island, Vanuatu,  trip is a nice easy, quick, inexpressive escape. With just a short 3 hour flight to arrive to warm clear water, easy diving it is a popular destination.  For this one we have booked the island so there will be a heap of cool people to dive with and chill out with between dives. There is great snorkelling around the island and a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. This trip is open to all divers, no diver and families. There will be a big new year party on the island and I am sure everyone will have a great island experience.  Check out for all the details Hide Away Island Trip

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

The other destination we will be heading of to over the Christmas period is the Solomon island. We will be staying a munda and doing some great diving. Munda offers both wreck and reef diving.  Munda is know for its walls & drop off to over 600 meters. Grey, Blacktip and Whitetip Reef sharks routinely patrol, while Eagle rays, barracuda and other pelagics are also common. Encounters with any of several species of big sharks and rays add to the excitement, while for macro fans there are critters such as Pygmy Seahorses, Squat lobsters and Fiery Dartfish.  As well as the great reef dives there is also WWII wrecks fighter planes, bombers, a Japanese freighter and a US dump site

This location is a little more remote than hide away and is really designed for the more experienced diver.

Check out  Solomon Islands Trip

So now we have hit 2015 and we have the following exciting trips happening a live a board in the solomons to see some big fish action as well as some great macro photo opportunities, an Easter escape to Santo to dive the president Coolidge (family friendly), a breath taking trip to swim with the hump back whales in Tonga as well as a must do trip for all dive to Truk Lagoon to dive all the wrecks.


April 2015
First up we have an easter long weekend trip to Santo in Vanuatu to dive the wreck of the Coolidge. This is a must do trip for all divers in Sydney. I have done it numerous times and I am super excited about heading back there. The main attraction is the “S.S. President Coolidge”, a luxury liner that was used as a troop ship during WWII. The impressive wreck (198 metres long) is one of the largest accessible wrecks to sport divers anywhere in the world.

It is actually a shore dive with the depth ranging from 20-60m so great for all divers. With good vis and warm water is as a nice easy wreck dive. The dives are done in small groups, with so much to see both inside and out side the wreck. Trust me on this one it is very exciting walking in off the hore and then a big wreck appearing in front of you. Basically it hit its own mine so they run it aground. Everything was left on the ship and they planned to go back and get all the stuff later but it sunk back into the water. Perfect for us!!!

This trip is designed so that you can bring your non diving family as well as the dives are done as single dives (you will not be gone all day), the accommodation is right in town and there is a pool at the hotel.  We can even organise baby sitters

Get more details on our Vanuatu Dive Trip.


President Coolidge Wreck

President Coolidge Wreck



May 2015
See the best of the Solomon island on a live a board. The Solomon islands is a destination not visited by the average tourist. I guess this is one of the reasons it is so special and one of my favourite places to go. In May we have a trip planed where you will see the best diving in the country while staying a board the  Bilikki. On this one you will get a heap of diving down over the 7 day period and be lucky enough to see big fish action as well as the cool little things as well. Expect to get the magazine shots like schooling barracouta, giant trevally and the clear water view while swimming though a cave.  Doing the solomons on a live a board is great value for money as you will get heaps of dives in and check out the best there is to offer. I think there will be a fight in the shop as to who get to guide this one.  Maybe a father daughter event… hay Pete!

Find more details on the Solomon Islands Liveaboard Trip

Big Fish of the Solomon Islands

August 2015
is one of the few destinations that you can get up close and personal with hump back whales. This trip is designed for divers and snorklers and will be one you will remember for ever. Swimming with a mother and calf hump back whale is a very emotional experience. Once you do this trip you will never look at whale watching in the same light. I find it funny when people get excited about seeing a spout of water from a whale off in the distance. When I have swam with them and been close enough to actually reach out and touch them…

On this tip there is a couple of days diving on this trip but the real highlight is the snorkling with the whales. When I was there last we were lucky enough to have a whale and calf come right up to us and check out out a 20m on a dive.

Find more details on the Tonga Whale Trip.


The Treasures of Truk Lagoon

The Treasures of Wreck Diving in Truk Lagoon


September 2015
Truk Lagoon is a destination that is on all diver lists. Most non divers would never hear about this great little place but any keen diver would know about it. Although it is know for its Japanese WWII  generally it is a location that I would say both wreck and reef divers will love as the wrecks are covered in reef. So if it is the history of the wreck, the hard and soft corals, a deep tec dive, photo opportunities,  swimming through a wreck or even check out skulls that turns you on then this trip is for you.

For this on you need to be advanced certified. We will break the group up some we can have both tec and recreational divers covered on this on.

Find more details on the Truk Lagoon Wreck Diving Trip.

So there is a lot to pick from. Get in early so you can count down the weeks with excitement about the trip. Check all the options on our Trip Dive Calendar


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