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Cyanea Mask

Diving is about enjoyment and nothing ensures your diving enjoyment more than your mask.  Over the last 20+ years of diving I have tried a range of masks but I have never found a mask more comfortable than the new Cyanea mask from Aeris/Oceanic. The technology and innovation used in the Cyanea masks  will maximize your diving enjoyment include:

  • Double feathered edge super-soft liquid silicone skirt with stability ridges to maximise sealing against leakage
  • UV & chlorine resistant elastic ski-goggle style strap provides secure fit and comfort
  • Wide field of vision – up, down and side to side
  • Micro-Frame construction for robust durability and reduced weight
  • Improved snorkel positioning
  • Superior Ultra-Clear optical glass

Cyanea Masks
The key feature of any mask is that it does not leak on you. The super-soft liquid silicone skirt is designed in such a way that it produces a water tight seal  against most faces.

One of the features of a mask that most divers do not realize is a significant cause of leakage is the mask strap. The mask strap has a major effect on the seal in terms of its placement and it tightness. The Cyanea mask has a UV- and chlorine-resistant ski-goggle strap which overcomes this problem. The 2.5cm elastic strap is looped and sewn through two plastic pieces that are fastened to the hard frame, not the silicone. This helps hold the mask comfortably in place on your face throughout your whole dive.


The design has also taken into account how uncomfortable a misplaced snorkel can be on a dive, and they did something about it with a sewn-in snorkel keeper. You don’t have to worry about your strap coming unthreaded underwater or being unevenly tightened; you simply adjust the mask strap by sliding the material from the right to the left until it is sized just right, which can easily be done with 5 mm gloves on.


The slanted, wide frame and its increased field of vision both side to side and up and down. The extended lens, positioned at a downward angle, allows a diver to see and access their equipment from the chin down. While gearing up at the back of the boat with my mask on, I was surprised that I was able to look down and have a clear view of all my D-rings, clips and gauges.

Rebreather Diving

After 2 hours of diving the Cyanea Mask remains perfectly comfortable

I have now done about 20 hours of diving in my Cyanea mask and it my mask of choice.  If you are looking for a new mask then the Cyanea has solved many of the problems that has historically existed with masks, so check out the Cyanea. The technology and innovation used in the Cyanea masks results in a  minimalist frame, oversized lens and revolutionary strap, providing style, comfort and peripheral vision truly worthy of envy.

With most mask I would strongly recommend you come on into the Abyss dive center and try it on, but if  you would like to buy it online then check out our Cyanea mask web page.


Peter Letts