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Hideaway Island an Incredible Holiday Destination

Hideaway Island is a perfect holiday destination for all ages, couples, and families. Specifically for those who are non-divers, Hideaway Island is still an incredible holiday destination to visit with so much to do.

Hideaway Beach

The Perfect Place to Relax

Every morning at 10:30am a bottom glass tour boat departs from Hideaway pier and takes guests on a scenic tour of the reef system surrounding Hideaway Island. With a glass bottom platform in the boat, guests are able to see the beauty of the famous reef system below and experience the marine life in a unique way. With a tour guide on the boat, guests are informed about the reef system, the local marine life, visit the underwater post office, view the 100m+ reef drop offs, watch the hundreds of schooling fish following the boat, and keep an eye out for a local turtle cruising by. This is by far one of the most popular activities operating, with the boat sometimes having to do multiple trips in a day due to excessive numbers.

Hideaway Pool

Enjoy the Swimming Pool

Another guided tour, which Hideaway Island runs, is the Snorkel Safari. Leaving the pier at 12:15 each day, guests are taken by boat to the top of the reef system with a local Divemaster and taken on a guided tour of the reef. Guests are instantly surrounded by thousands of marine fish and are occasionally welcomed by a turtle.  During this tour, guests are informed of local marine life surrounding them, shown different types of coral, view giant clams, leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, spotted moray eels, experience the reef drop offs, and find some hidden secrets only found on Hideaway Island.   With the best snorkeling available on Hideaway Island located off the main beach, guests are able to snorkel privately around the shallow reef system. With the extensive shallow reef in less than 2-3m of water, snorkelers are able to explore the reef system very freely being able to venture far up towards the top of the reef system if wanting, or staying close to the shore if desired, there is dense reef and marine life everywhere. Snorkelers are able to swim off the shore to the Underwater Post Office, located 20m off the shore and less than 1m deep, and post they’re underwater post cards.

Hideaway fish feed

Enjoy Snorkeling in a Fish Bowl

On Tuesday afternoons, staffs from Hideaway Island take houseguests on a village walk through Mele. Guests are taken on a village tour through Mele Village, the largest village in Efate, with 6,000 residents. The tour guide takes you through the village, informing guests of facts about the area, local customs, through village huts, and kava tasting. The village walk gives guests an understanding of the local customs and culture of Vanuatu and how diverse it is between different villages and islands.

Melanesian Feast

Hideaway Islands Melanesian Feast

On Thursday nights Experience the true flavour of the Melanesian culture in a Robinson Caruso setting at Hideaway Islands Melanesian Feast. The evening begins with a customary “shell of Kava” around the campfire while you listen to the music of a local Mele Village string band. Try delicious local foods such as tuluk, kumala and lap lap and enjoy coconut milk from a freshly cut coconut. During the meal your host will describe the dishes being served and methods used for cooking them. A selection of western foods such as chicken curry and coconut pie is also available. The staff from Mele Village will charm and entertain you with their local dances and would love to have you join in!! The evening is lots of fun for everyone! So no matter what age you are, traveling in a couple, family or by yourself, Hideaway Island is the perfect, cheap holiday destination. Check out our holiday trip we are running to Hideaway Island over the New Year.