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The Amazing Seals


Montague island seal

The seals down in Narooma NSW Australia may look viscous but really, they just want to play. Swimming straight for you with their mouth wide open they dart away at the last moment only to turn and give you a cheeky grin. You could almost swear they were having a good laugh at how scared you looked. The twists, turns and contortions they perform in-front of you make your feeble attempt at being underwater embarrassing, although I’m sure they are doing their best to show off. Mimicking is also a preferred pastime and with every spin and flail you complete you can be sure they a one-up competition is taking place around you. The needle like teeth they bare never seem to be a danger and their beautiful big eyes put you incredibly at ease. With a considerable colony of multiple seal species camped out permanently in the sleepy town of Narooma, the diving will blow any level of diver out of or more realistically into the water.

Seal Intimerdate

The seal pictured is an Australian Fur Seal and with the males weighing in excess of 300kg they can be a little intimidating in the water. This colony live on Montague Island about a twenty minute boat ride off the coast. With a diet of octopus, squid and bony fish it is amazing at how full of their prey the local ecosystem still is.

If you want a surreal diving experience where you get up close and personal in the wild with a playful intelligent animal there really is no other option than these amazing seals. Get out there and do it!

Seal having fun