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The Sting Rays of Oak Park

Bull Ray at Oak Park

Bull Ray at Oak Park

Oak Park is my absolute favourite dive site in Sydney. I have dived there hundreds of times and I still look forward to diving there. There are so many reasons to love Oak Park, but one of them is the variety of sting rays you can see there. Poor old stingrays have had a bad wrap in the past, being labelled as scary or dangerous, but actually they are an evolutionary marvel! Best of all you don’t need to travel around the world to see them because you can find them right here in Sydney.

Some sting rays are easy to identify and others are a little harder. Below you’ll find some info and quick tips on identifying rays you can see at Oak Park.:

Eagle ray:   Eagle rays have a distinctive shape and the sides of their body appear wing like. Also look for their pointed snout.

Bull ray:    These guys are big and impressive! They are mostly flat with a hump in the middle of their body where their eyes sit.

Numb ray:    You will get a nasty zap if you accidentally touch one of these, so hands off! The tail on numb rays is fatter than the traditional slim line tail of most other rays.


Numb Ray

Stingaree:   You will see this ray on almost every dive in Sydney. They are usually about 40 -50cm long and have a small dorsal fin just in front of the stinging spine. If you look closely you will see some small blue spots.

Eastern Fiddler ray:    The most distinctive features of these rays are the bold, striped pattern on their body and the two dorsal fins on their slim tails.


Fiddler Ray

Abyss run shore dives regularly at Oak Park because it is such a great site. You would be amazed what there is to see in our own backyard. There are a couple of different reefs and walls to follow, there is always plenty of amazing fish life, and it is so easy to get in from the shore. The Check the dive calendar for the next dive at Oak Park and make sure you book on and keep your eyes out for some sting rays!!