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Dive Trip to Broken Bay

Broken Bay
What a great weekend away with lots of fun above and below the water. Just 60 minutes north of Sydney at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay is a beautiful seclude location (only reachable by boat)  was the perfect base for some excellent diving, fun on land activities with lots of fresh air. I loved the weekend away seeing bush turkies run around, kookaburras in the trees, wallabies jumping past all between a few great dives around palm beach.

The trip was based around a few sites one of them being the wreck of the valinat. I love this little wreck it is always covered in marine life, with a few resident wobbygone sharks. The Valient was ordered out of Pittwater when her owners damage her hull while stripping her. She was towed about 1.2km off shore before she slipped her tow ropes and sunk stern first in a matter of 30 seconds.

wreck of ValiantThe wreck of the Valient lies slightly on her port side in 27m of water, over sand. It is because it is over sand and that there is nothing else around, that the Valient has become an artificial reef and attracts a hugh amount of fish, such as mackerels, mado’s, bullseyes, lined catfish, golden morays and king fish to name a few.  The wreck is 23m long, 6 m wide with good diving in and around the engine room, cabins and crew quarters.

During the weekend away we also did a night dive on the wreck and some other great reef dives as well. Once of the dives sites is known as the pinnacle but I think we should have called it swim though point as there was lots of little caves and swim through s to explore.

Some of the other activities to fill in time between dives range for the tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming in the netted ocean pool or standard pool and of course exploring the bush land. Our group opted for late night swimming as it was such a hot weekend.  The fire pit was a big hit for the weekend with toasted marshmallows always going down well after a yummy BBQ.

I think everyone on the trip had a great time both above and below the water and really felt like they had, had a great escape from the hassle and bussle of everyone busy week. Although it is only a short drive away to get to this one it really feel like you are a long way away as it is such a remote isolated destination.