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Matts Top 5 NSW Dives

Narooma -Seals

Seal diving is often described by divers as one of the best dives they have ever done, from the huge level of interaction received by such graceful and beautiful animals to the sense of awe you get from watching their agility in the water. Montague island just off the coast of Narooma let’s you have this once in a lifetime experience. Only a short boat ride from the town the island has one of the best seal colonies in the country, not only this but they live here all year round, so you will never be let down by going during the wrong season.


South West Rocks -Sharks

There is so much to offer in this small sleepy coastal town. Fishrock cave located a thirty minute boat ride from town has more Grey Nurse Sharks than any other dive site you are likely to encounter. If you can join a trip to this exciting location you will not be disappointed. From feeding hawksbill turtles to hiding amongst the rocky gutters as the majestic sharks cruise on past you. The eye contact received when they gracefully pass by is just magical. If you didn’t like sharks before you will now. You will also be able explore one of the country’s best swim throughs that cuts this little island in half, Fishrock cave itself. Filled with all forms of life, with Lobsters, Numb Rays and Bigeyes it is a great place for a holiday

Sharks at Fish Rock Cave

Byron Bay Julian rocks

Julian rocks at Byron Bay is an amazing place you will not soon forget. Being only a short boat ride from the shore this Island is home to an array of tropical species that visit the island depending on the time of year. Go at the right time and you may see Leopard sharks or Grey Nurse Sharks. Venture up there at another time and you may encounter Manta Rays and other tropical fish and turtles are always hanging around the rocks keen to partake in a photo or two.


Sydney Harbour Clifton

Whilst not every diver finds the same enjoyment from this little Sydney Harbourside gem ,for some divers it can really shock and surprise.An eclectic selection of native wildlife seen less commonly on your standard dive sites call the shallows home with seahorses, anglerfish, ghost pipefish, octopus and don’t forget the large array of crabs. The dive is made up of a bunch of pillars from the jetty and a swimming net, although only a small dive there is so much to see and search for that an hour or two can easily slip away.

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Kurnell weedies

Sea creatures come in a variety of shapes and forms, some are more unusual than others. The Weedy Seadragon however can often take the title of being the most unusual, with its decent size and dragon shaped body it never fails to amaze people when the first encounter them. Kurnell on the outskirts of Sydney has a huge population which make an appearance on most dives.