Dive Gear

Washing Your Dive Grear

Dive gear

There is nothing better than owning your own gear. Not only for fit and having a detailed knowledge of how it works but also hygiene reasons. Your diving improves so significantly when you have your own gear, you can get your weighting sorted out, it fits you correctly, and you know where all the bells and whistles are on it. It is interesting how many people do not know how to look after their gear. It really only takes five minutes to do it properly and when done correctly can make your dive equipment last you for a very long time.

Fin, mask and snorkel really only take a quick dunk under water to remove any salt or sand. With your boots they need a 5-minute soak, you need to move the zips up and down and leave the zips on the boot halfway up, as this allows for a jiggle if they get stuck with salt when the water dries off in the future.

Give your suit a wash in wetsuit wash. The wetsuit wash will break down the salt and keep the suit nice and soft. Wash it inside out and put it on a nice thick hanger. Dry out of direct sunlight. If you have a little accident and urinate in your suit wash it in mirazime. This will get rid of the smell and kill bacteria, it also works well on smelly boots.

Now onto the important stuff your BCD and scuba regulator. Your regulators should be soaked in fresh water with the dust cap on. After 5 min you put them on a tank and pressurise the first stage. Then hold the second stage (the bit you breathe off)  in the water and push the purge button making a spa bath…this will get any salt or sand off it

So finally, the BCD, this is one that some people get wrong. You need to wash the inside and outside of the BCD. Every time you push the deflate button when you are underwater, and there is no air in the BCD the salt water will go into the bcd. If you do not get this sale water out the water will evaporate, and the salt crystals will be left. The salt is very sharp and will put holes in your bcd if you do not do this correctly.

Push the deflate bottom and place the hose, so the water goes into the bcd. Turn the bcd around to mix the fresh water with the salt water. Then blow the BCD up and let the water out. Repeat this process. Finally, store the BCD with a bit of air in it

If you want to know more about looking after your gear book into a PADI Equipment course