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First Side-Mount Instructor for the Maldives

Side-mount Diving is quickly taking it place in the ever-evolving scuba diving industry. Not just for technical diving but also for recreational diving, divers across the globe are adopting Side-mount to not only extend their dives but also to allow them to experience the streamlining and total customization you can achieve through using the side-mount … Continue reading

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PADI Sidemount Instructor Training in Australia

PADI Sidemount diving is taking a strong foothold as part of the dive industry in Australia. Once a foreign concept, it is quickly taking its place not only in technical diving but also in the everyday recreational diving community. Becoming a PADI Sidemount Instructor will will give you the chance to branch out from your standard training programs you are currently running and will add to your professional qualifications. Continue reading

Sidemount Diving

What is Sidemount Diving

First developed for technical diving,this form of diving was then adopted by technical divers and is no moving into the recreational market. As the name suggests, sidemount takes a cylinder that would be on your back, and straps it to your side. Increased safety, increased comfort, improved air consumption and increased enjoyment. Continue reading