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Humans and Fur Seals
Diving with Seals / Marine Life

Humans and Fur Seals

Humans and Fur Seals, how alike are we? Taking a look at the animal kingdom and more specifically mammals within the animal kingdom, we can split it into three directions. Placental Mammals Marsupials Monotremes Seals are Placental Mammals, meaning that the baby receives its nutrients to grow directly from its mother through blood. Placental babies … Continue reading

Vanuatu Dive Trip

Vanuatu Trip 2018

Upon arriving in Espiritu Santo, your first greeting will arrive in the form of thick unfamiliar humidity, shortly followed by the friendly faces of the local customs officials. You are slowly processed along with other passengers through the two customs booths to have paperwork inspected, passports stamped and belongings screened. It becomes immediately apparent that … Continue reading