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My PADI Club

My PADI Club is a new way for divers to connect with their dive centers, resorts, instructors and dive buddies. My PADI Club delivers the information potential divers are seeking to start their adventure and certified divers want to continue pursuing their scuba addiction. A digital platform accessible from any device, My PADI Club makes … Continue reading

Diving with Seals / Just Awesome

Seal Diving

Interaction with animals underwater is one of the things that really makes scuba diving such an amazing experience. This interaction is not the standard interaction that you would normally think about. Scuba diving is not about touching or disturbing animals but observing them in their natural environment. The interaction you receive is when that sharks … Continue reading

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Yoga vs. Diving

Yoga vs. Diving: How they compare The ancient practice of yoga is a technique that a growing number of people are enjoying to bring themselves back down to earth. It connects us with ourselves, the world, and keeps our mind focused yet totally still. Scuba diving, sitting on the other end of the spectrum as … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Diving in Sydney

As more and more people work less traditional hours, there is an increased demand by divers to go diving mid-week because they cannot get away from work to join traditional weekend dives. To meet this demand Abyss Scuba Diving has always offered Friday guided shore dives. Abyss has now decided to introduce a number of … Continue reading