Tip of the Week

Tips for Motion Sickness

Avoid “feeding the fish” – tips for motion sickness   If you haven’t experienced motion sickness, it doesn’t mean you never will – it’s possible that you’re just yet to be subjected to conditions that your body doesn’t like. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with these simple tips, and know what to do … Continue reading

Tip of the Week

Salt Water Hair

Love to dive but hate your messy hair afterwards. Here are a few tips for you. Salt water is great for your skin as it helps to detox it, reduce swelling and treat wounds, among many other benefits. Maybe not so great for your hair if you are in it all the time. I find it … Continue reading

Dive Gear / Tip of the Week

Why Buy a Wetsuit

Although the financial aspect of buying gear is the first concern for many divers, I believe that I dive for the shear enjoyment of diving and hence the most important thing when looking at a wetsuit is personal comfort and safety although health and convenience come very close behind. Along with owning your own mask, … Continue reading