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Recreational Rebreather Divemaster

New technology in recreational rebreathers  is rapidly changing how people dive, allowing divers to dive for longer and increase their interaction with the marine environment. The advances in rebreather technology has made rebreather diving a reality to all certification levels of divers. Recreational rebreathers are becoming popular in dive centres around the world, this means … Continue reading

Why Abyss Scuba Diving

Plan you diving around Sydney

Abyss Scuba Diving has between 100  and  500 activities scheduled on its dive calendar at anytime.  The schedule includes such activities as  Guided Shore Dive   Boat Dives  Local Dive Trip    Major Trip    Night Dive    Pro Courses   Rescue Course    Seadragon Survey       Shark Dive      Speciality Courses    Technical Diving   Wreck Dives  Advanced Course     First Aid Training  and Social Event . When you first open the Abyss Dive Calendar  you will see all the activities … Continue reading