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Avelo Dive System: Reinventing Scuba Diving

Experience the Underwater Revolution: Avelo Dive System

Introducing the Avelo Dive System, a groundbreaking innovation that's changing the way we explore the underwater world. At its heart is the Hydrotank, a lightweight scuba tank with built-in buoyancy control. Weighing 12 pounds less than a standard scuba tank, it uses water to adjust its buoyancy, offering an intuitive and precise diving experience.

Why Choose the Avelo Dive System?

The Avelo Dive System is a game-changer in the realm of scuba diving. Here's why:

  • Experience Weightlessness: With Avelo, you'll feel as if you're floating in space, maneuvering freely without gravity pulling you down.

  • Blend of Freediving and Scuba: Enjoy the thrill of freediving along with the safety net of an air supply.

  • Light as a Bubble: The Hydrotank weighs about 6 kg less than traditional systems, making your dives more enjoyable and less tiring.

  • Neutral Buoyancy, Simplified: Achieve perfect neutral buoyancy easily with Avelo by using water as a weighting agent.

  • No More Slipping Tanks: Avelo’s unique harness system ensures your tank stays firmly in place.

  • Head-Strike Free Diving: The first-stage regulator is mounted backwards, reducing the risk of painful head strikes.

  • Streamlined and Efficient: Thanks to its sleek design, Avelo improves performance in water.

  • Comfortable Carry: Inspired by hiking technology, the Avelo backpack and harness make carrying your gear a cinch.

  • Simplified Gear Setup: Avelo eliminates the need for a BCD, simplifying your gear setup.

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Only certified Recreational Avelo Divers will be eligible to purchase the system once it becomes available later in 2024. Join the waitlist and be part of the underwater revolution.

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The Avelo Dive System is a breath of fresh air (or should we say water?) in the world of scuba diving. It's lighter, sleeker, simpler, and just downright cooler than traditional systems. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie diver, Avelo has something exciting to offer. So, why not give it a try? Happy diving!

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