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For a Limited Time, Enjoy a Complimentary Seal Dive valued at $210

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Avelo Dive Course

Our Avelo Speciality Course is not just another certification—it's your ticket to experiencing a groundbreaking technology that's set to revolutionize the scuba diving world.

So, what's the fuss about Avelo? Well, it's all about making your dives lighter, longer, and safer. Imagine floating effortlessly underwater, enjoying constant neutral buoyancy. Think about extending your bottom time to explore more of the fascinating underwater world. And how about enhancing your safety while diving? That's exactly what Avelo offers!

Here's a quick look at what our one-day Avelo Speciality Course includes:

  1. Online Avelo Theory: We kick things off with some interactive online learning. You'll get to grips with the ins and outs of Avelo technology, understanding how it elevates your diving experience. And the best part? You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
  2. Classroom Sessions: Next, we invite you to join us for two engaging classroom sessions. Here, we'll dive deeper into Avelo, discussing your upcoming ocean dives, answering any questions you might have, and sharing fun anecdotes from our diving experiences.
  3. Ocean Dives: Now comes the most exciting part—two shore dives where you'll get to experience Avelo firsthand. Under the careful guidance of our experienced instructors, you'll see why this technology is a game-changer in the world of scuba diving.
  4. Complementary Seal  Dive: We are offering a Free Seal Dive for a limited time with our Avelo Speciality Course, with free seal diving, runs Saturday and Sunday courses from June to September, and Avelo diving with seals the following with a choice of dates.

When you sign up for our Avelo Speciality Course, we provide all the necessary Avelo equipment, including a Hydrotnk, jetpack, regulator, dive computer, and weights. You'll need to bring your own mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and wetsuit, but if you don't have these, we're more than happy to point you in the right direction for rentals or purchases.

Upgrade to the Avelo Odyssey for just -- EVE Shortcode --, a two-day diving adventure where the second day you will perfect your skills on a double boat dive, enabling you to maximise the benefits of the Avelo course. This addition is highly recommended.

Ready to ride the wave of the future with us? We can't wait to share this exciting adventure with you. Let's make some bubbles together with Abyss Scuba Diving and Avelo!

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Dive into the Future with Avelo: Transforming Scuba Diving with Innovative Tech

In the world of scuba diving, innovation is making waves. Say hello to the Avelo Dive System - a game-changing piece of equipment that's set to revolutionize the underwater experience!

What is the Avelo Dive System?

Avelo’s innovative scuba gear offers an entirely new approach to buoyancy control. Unlike traditional systems, which use a buoyancy control device (BCD), Avelo uses water to control buoyancy. At the heart of this system is the Hydrotank, a lightweight scuba tank with built-in buoyancy control. Weighing 12 pounds less than a standard scuba tank, the Hydrotank allows divers to adjust their buoyancy by pumping water in or out.

Why Choose Avelo?

The Avelo system is not only lighter and sleeker than traditional gear, but it also offers constant neutral buoyancy. This means fewer adjustments to your breathing and better air conservation. In fact, Avelo claims that divers using their system can save up to 30% on air consumption. That's a lot of extra time to marvel at the underwater wonders!

Cost and Availability

Avelo has yet to disclose its pricing information, but they assure diving enthusiasts that its rates will be competitive and affordable. Avelo intends to launch its products worldwide, with an emphasis on popular diving locations. Avelo Dive Centres will offer rental services at a reasonable price for certified Avelo divers. It is expected that the units will not be purchasable until mid-2024.

Avelo Dive Centres

Exciting news! Avelo has announced plans to create Avelo Dive Centres across the globe. These centres will provide dive experiences utilizing the Avelo system, allowing divers to test the equipment before making a purchase. Additionally, buying from an Avelo Dive Centre guarantees access to expert guidance and support. Abyss Scuba Diving is the first Avelo Dive Centre in Australia.


Safety First

Avelo enhances safety underwater by offering unparalleled buoyancy control. Its design eliminates the need for a separate BCD or weights, reducing the risk associated with sudden buoyancy changes. With Avelo, divers can enjoy a more intuitive and precise diving experience.


The Avelo Dive System truly represents a leap forward in scuba diving technology. It's lighter, safer, and more efficient – everything a diver could ask for. So, are you ready to dive into the future with Avelo? Happy diving!

Avelo diving with grey nurse at Shell Harbour

Avelo Course on Abyss: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can you tell me more about the Avelo Dive System?

Absolutely! The Avelo Dive System is a revolutionary scuba diving equipment that uses water to control buoyancy. This innovative design can help you save air and maintain neutral buoyancy with ease, making your underwater explorations even more enjoyable!

Q2: How does the Avelo System help in saving air?

Great question! By maintaining stable neutral buoyancy, the Avelo System reduces the need for constant adjustments, therefore saving air. Plus, it's lighter and sleeker than traditional scuba gear, so you're less likely to tire out and consume more air.

Q3: What are the requirements for this course?

Anyone who is a certified diver, aged at least 12 years old, in good health, and comfortable in the water is welcome to join our course. Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting out, our course offers a fantastic opportunity further to enhance your skills and knowledge in the underwater world. Don't miss out on this amazing adventure!

Q4: How much will it cost to rent the Avelo equipment per dive after the training?

We're still working out the exact price with Avelo, but we anticipate that it'll be similar to our current rental charges. This includes tanks, BCD, regs, and weights. Stay tuned for more updates!

Q5: When can I purchase the Avelo equipment rather than renting it?

Avelo is still making some final tweaks to the equipment, but they're targeting mid-2024 for sales. We'll keep you posted!

Q6: What is the likely cost of purchasing the Avelo equipment?

The cost of the Avelo equipment is expected to be similar to a quality set of scuba gear. We'll have more specific details closer to the launch date.

Q7: If I rent the Avelo equipment, can I use it on non-Abyss dives too?

Yes, once you're certified, you can rent the gear and dive wherever you wish. Just remember, you'll need to get the Hydrotank filled at dive centres that can handle 300 bar valves.

Q8: How can I sign up for the Introductory Avelo Course?

You can sign up directly through our website or by contacting us via email or phone. We can't wait to welcome you to the future of scuba diving!

Still, have questions? Feel free to drop us a line. We're here to help you dive into a whole new underwater adventure with Avelo!

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