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Magic Point


Jump on our boat and head on out for a wonderful day of adventure at Magic Point…

Known in Sydney as one of the best boat dive sites capturing every diver’s heart with the resident Shark population! But if you are a freediver! No stress, just jump in at Maroubra beach and you can swim on out from land if your heart so desires.

Drop the anchor and your troubles away as you submerge yourself into this amazing site! As you follow down the line the beautiful locals will come into view as Magic Point is often known for its wonderful visibility! You cannot miss a thing or get lost at this cruisy spot. Coming to a shelf at around 17m, you have two main options to explore. The first, ‘just keep swimming’; head down to experience the beauty that is deep-diving at this site. Our favourite site to teach the deep module of an Advanced course. Head East towards the sand bed and on your way keep your eyes peeled! Passing over boulders, surrounded by schools of fish, look below and watch those fins, for those may not be boulders, but carpet sharks known as “Wobbegong Sharks”. Known for their ability to camouflage, their flat body allows them to rest in place and seem undetectable to the untrained eye. Some people believe these creatures to be the most aggressive shark in Sydney dive sites. However, we have never known this to be the case. These gentle giants just relax and mind their own business. Whilst you gawk at your dive buddy, pointing out the fifteenth Wobbegong you have found on this particular dive alone.

Wobbygong Shark

However, these are not the only sharks you can spot at this dive site! You have finned down to the sand bed and find it riddled with a shiver of Port Jackson Sharks, that have all gathered for the mating season. These smaller blunt-headed sharks with harness like markings across their backs are known for their spiral-shaped eggs. These eggs are screwed into coral or sand beds for protection during the gestation period. But don’t get the PJs confused with their close relative the Crested Horn Shark, also popular at this site. CH sharks can be easily distinguished from the PJs due to their markings being blurred and messy in comparison to the crisp markings of a PJ. Once you have seen a few of our shark friends, start to look around and see if you can spot some other amazing wonders along the sand bed. Including; my absolute favourite, the Fiddler Ray! These bottom-dwelling species are known for their distinctive markings along their back, making them another expert in camouflage.

Port Jackson shark

Remember to check under all the little ledges along the sand bed as well, as you might be as lucky as me. My first dive at Magic Point and our wonderful skipper Marty perfectly placed the anchor so every diver managed to spot a Giant Cuttlefish! These amazing creatures can use their bodies to create the illusion that it is in fact just some seaweed you are looking at. A defence mechanism developed over millions of years of evolution to avoid predators.

These guys are not the only illusionists you can find down in the deeps, as there is another who disguises themselves as kelp to avoid detection. However, if you have a torch on hand, you cannot miss the iridescent glow of their body. The Weedy Sea Dragon! An amazing creature that is known for its dense population in and around the Botany Bay region. Is also another fantastic find at Magic Point. If you are a photographer, novice or professional, these creatures make for a wonderful model at these depths. So get snapping! If you are newer to diving, you may need to google this next fish, but that’s the beauty of diving. There is always something new. So look high, look low and tell me whether you can see the Eastern Blue Devil Fish, known to many as a very secretive fish. Its striking colours will leave you wanting more, the mixture of blues, blacks and whites streaking its body, while the unique yellowfins may leave you drooling over a fish!

Once you have captured the beauty of the depths of this dive site, either in your memory or your cameras. Turn around and start to make your way back over the boulders. Watch out for those Wobbegongs! Don’t forget to look in the crevices, you never know what you might find. A Damselfish! Maybe even an Octopus if you’re lucky!

Now all I ask of you is to look up! Take in the larger surroundings, that you may not have been focusing on. Some of us get so hooked on the smallest details, we forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If the visibility is on your side, and most of the time, it is! You should now be surrounded by one of the biggest schools of fish you have ever encountered. Yellowtails! I have to admit, my first encounter with a big school of fish was this exact species right here at Magic Point! I cannot paint you a picture of words to do this encounter justice. But I can encourage you to experience this site for yourself and explore the wonder. The wonder of having so many fish surround you and your buddy that nothing else matters. Not the boulders below, nor the sun shining down from above. Just the movement of the yellowtails, swaying around you. Just breathtaking.

Now, come back to reality. You have made it through the school of yellowtails. There is one final stop for this trip. The cave!

Head back to the rock shelf and follow the wall, there is a small road already marked out for you. With the rock wall on your left, and kelp on the right you want to follow through, till you see them. The Grey Nurse Sharks! The magnificent creatures slowly came into view. I cannot stress this enough, they do not notice you. But please, enjoy their beauty from afar. However, please remember, no flash photography and no DPVs (Dive Propulsion Vehicles) are allowed near their cave. These are not our rules. They go above us. For the safety and protection of these magnificent creatures. These slow but strong swimmers will either be resting in their cave in constant motion, or they may be swimming over the kelp bed. Look to find the cleaning fish giving the sharks a well-earned bath. Most divers quite happily take stock and sit in front of the cave, just enjoying the beauty of these majestic creatures before their dive comes to an end.

Well, would you look at that? You have reached your limit and it’s time for you and your buddy to come back to the real world. But not for long! Make your way back to the anchor and slowly up till you reach your safety stop. Enjoy the yellowtails swimming around you some more for the remainder of your safety stop. Who knows, you may even be lucky enough to spot some dolphins at this point!

Then once you have surfaced, make your way to the boat to complete your surface interval, before diving back in for your second dive at one of the best dive sites here in Sydney.  

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By: Gabby Studdy