PADI eLearning Open Water Diver Course

Learn the Ins and Outs of Scuba Diving with the PADI eLearning Course.

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eLearning covers self-study materials. PADI eLearning makes it simple to fit scuba diving lessons into a busy schedule. Learn about scuba diving principles and terminology whenever, wherever it's convenient for you. It's your course on your time. Study offline, or online using a computer or mobile device. eLearning will take 8-12 hours to complete.

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What Advantages Does PADI's eLearning Provide? 

  • Flexible, you can do eLearning wherever and whenever you want
  • Has a variety of teaching methods, so has a learning method that most meets your needs.
  • Periodic quiz can provide you with a self-evaluation of your advancement and show you areas you needed to revise after your first read-through.
  • Beginning your in-water instruction, you are better prepared than if you had begun in a class-based environment.
  • You will exit your PADI certification course a much improved, more experienced, and enthusiastic diver.


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Once you have completed your eLearning, you will be required to do two days in-water training to become a certified diver, simply go to or call Abyss Scuba Diving on +61 (02) 9583 9662 to book and pay for the dates for the in-water training.


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