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A Career as a Freediving Instructor

A Job as a Freediving Instructor.

Historically it has been difficult to make a living as a freediving instructor and even world champions have had to resort to a side job to support their freediving activities. This has all changed with PADI becoming part of freediving by introducing PADI freediving courses and PADI Freediving centres. PADI is dramatically growing Freediver training and as such are substantially increasing the demand for professional freediving instructors.

As PADI and PADI dive centres create new opportunities and demands for freediving, the need for instructors will continue to grow. PADI Dive Centers & Resorts already offer PADI Freediver courses along with scuba diving courses. There are also PADI Freediver Centers and Resorts that offer freediving exclusively.  In the PADI Asia Pacific area alone the annual growth in freediving training is approximately 300%.

Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney employs 11 full-time PADI scuba instructors the short-term aim is to have five PADI freediving instructors, such is the demand for the PADI freediving program. This change, brought about by the PADI freediving program means that the market is not for elite freedivers but for freedivers with a passion to pass their knowledge and passion on to those want to use freediving as a way to explore the underwater world. The jobs in freediving are not for those who have the desire to dive to 120m but for those who love freediving and want to encourage others to become freedivers.

The PADI Freediver program offers high-quality training and has the best value standards for both instructors and students. PADI will bring a new level of consciousness into the sport of freediving that we’ve never seen before. This change in freediving is significantly increasing the demand for freediving instructors. At the moment this demand is outstripping the availability of PADI freediving instructors, and as such, it is possible to make a successful career as a freediving instructor.

Because of the nature of the dive industry, the most attractive employee to a PADI Dive Centre is a PADI instructor who is qualified to teach both scuba diving and freediving. To encourage this PADI recently included freediving as one of the specialities that can be used by PADI instructors as they strive to become PADI Master Scuba Trainers.

There is a demand for the job of a Freediving Instructor if you are a PADI freediving instructor.

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