Dive Into the Future with the Avelo Dive System

A Revolutionary Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Introducing the Avelo Dive System, a ground-breaking underwater breathing device known for its effortless operation, portability, longevity, and advanced safety features. Designed for the modern explorer, this system takes diving to a whole new level.

Avelo Dive System

Features and Design

The Hydrotank

The heart of the Avelo Dive System is the Hydrotank, an innovative piece of equipment that stores compressed gas in a bladder and water in the space between the bladder and COPV. It's built to withstand the extreme conditions of underwater exploration.


The Jetpack

The Jetpack is a backplate threaded with a webbing harness that allows divers to wear the Avelo System comfortably like a backpack. It's designed for optimal weight distribution and easy maneuverability underwater.


How It Works

The Avelo Dive System utilizes the ideal gas law and Boyle's law to regulate pressure and volume. It introduces an adjustable inner tank volume, impacting pressure, density, and temperature. As a result, it allows for an infinite gas time remaining calculation when the pump runs, providing divers with accurate projections of their dive time.


Safety and Maintenance

The Avelo Dive System is designed with safety at the forefront. The Hydrotank contains a bladder that is designed to not fail, but if it does, it will fail safely. Signs of a compromised bladder include a strong bubble stream coming out of the purge valve when open and a foamy appearance of the purged water. In such an event, it's recommended to remain in a heads-up position and have an Avelo Technician inspect the bladder.


To ensure longevity and optimal performance, the Avelo System should be cleaned after every day of diving and regularly maintained. This includes rinsing with tap water even after pool dives or fresh water dives.


Environmental Impact

Divers can breathe easy knowing the Avelo System eliminates the risk of biological cross-contamination and has zero environmental impact. It's a solution that not only enhances your diving experience but also respects our planet.

Avelo, a safer, longer and more enjoyable diving experience

Experience Enhanced Buoyancy Control

With the Avelo System, divers have complete control of their buoyancy and can easily ascend or descend by inhaling or exhaling. Buoyancy changes are slow and gradual, allowing divers to remain in the zone of stable neutral buoyancy for extended periods.

The Avelo Dive System

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The Future of Scuba Diving

Dive into the future with the Avelo Dive System - the ultimate underwater companion that combines innovation, safety, and sustainability.

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