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Best Dive Site to go Scuba Diving in Sydney

Australia offers some fantastic scuba diving with a broad range of marine life - and Sydney, as the gateway to Australia, has dive sites unequalled in any large city.

Sydney dive sites Sydney offers a large number of dive sites where you can go diving, and Abyss Scuba Diving is near to the best dive sites to go diving in Sydney.

Sydney's Best Dive Sites

Where To Dive In Sydney

  Dive Start Date Price  
Ship Rock & Oak Park - Shore Dive Sunday 24 Oct 2021 AU$ 0.00

  • Start Date: Sun 24 Oct 2021 at 10:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 0.00

Located on Ship Rock Road, it wont take long to see how this site got its name. The only way to dive it, is high tide. Dropping over the wall, takes you into another world, full of pineapple fish, angler fish, decorator crabs (if you can spot them), cuttlefish and much more. Please be at abyss at 7:15am to collect gear and head to the site, leave Abyss at 7:30, it must be done on high tide so we need to be in the water at 8:15am. 8:30 HT

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