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The Dream Of Being A Padi Dive Instructor


Transforming lives and challenging people. Instructor Development at our
PADI Career Development Centre!
Carl Fallon Platinum PADI Course Director
Life inside a PADI Career Development Centre is different than most, as here
is where it all comes full circle. People come to Abyss Scuba Diving with
little more than a dream of one day being a working Instructor and then in
turn being able to transform other people’s lives. When the process comes
full circle is when the real magic begins.

Working as a PADI Course Director in the only PADI Career Development Centre
in NSW is amazing. I get to mentor new industry professionals on a daily
basis and being involved with transforming people’s lives and future careers
is definitely the best part! We teach people to become fantastic PADI
Instructors. to be the best instructors they can be. Having the ability to
help mentor and guide developing candidates is extremely rewarding, but when
you see them reaching their goals it is truly amazing.

PADI Career Development Centres are PADI facilities that dedicate their
business to the development of PADI Instructors and Divemaster’s and offer
more than just courses. They are facilities that have 2 PADI Course
Directors on staff and available to work with you during your training and
they go the extra mile to ensure that you are both industry and “real world”
work ready.

We run 10 PADI Instructor Courses  (IDC) here each year, and every course there is
always stand out personalities and people. To me, the real ‘standout’ people
are the ones that exceed my expectations and excel beyond imagine. It really
is amazing to watch them grow, not only as divers but as people too… This
is where I find the most reward in what I do. Each program I get to see
people grow to be 10ft tall, their spirits soar and their expectations of
themselves rise above mention. It is really is life changing for all


During my last PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) I had the pleasure
of being able to mentor a young 19 year old man from Manchester in England.
His name is Ben Holden. We get candidates from all over the globe coming
here for Career level training, so England is the norm. Ben arrived here as
an Open Water Diver about 13 weeks ago and has been doing an 18 week Career
Internship Program with us to become a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver
Trainer. This is an experience PADI Instructor for those not sure of the
different PADI instructor levels. Ben arrived as a quiet young man, with
entry level dive skills and knowledge. Over his time with us he has
succeeded every step of the way, and I just wanted to take this opportunity
to say a BIG CRONGRATULATIONS to him. The entire Career Development Team
here are so proud of how much he grown throughout his training. Well done


 It is so interesting to see the amount of work different candidates put into
their studies. Ben has really put lots of effort in over the last few months
and has really paid off as he has just recently passed his PADI Instructor
Exam 2 weeks ago. Ben is now currently completing additional dive industry
experience both here in Sydney and up on the Great Barrier Reef. He has been
involved in retail sales and product training, and has begun training
towards different specialty instructor levels like PADI Wreck Diver and Deep
Diver Instructor, and he is about to travel to the Great Barrier Reef where
he will be working at Heron Island Resort for 3 weeks experiencing work on
one of the best resorts in the country. I wish you all the best in the next
5 weeks mate! HAVE FUN!

When Ben returns from Heron Island his experience will have truly gone full
circle. He will be employed to work with us here at Abyss Scuba Diving as a
paid PADI Instructor teaching Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses to
new students here. During this time he will be developing a career plan with
our Career Development Staff and from there who knows. The world is his
oyster! Take your pick. Where do you want to go Ben?

If you are interested in joining one of our PADI Instructor Development
Courses or Career level diving internship programs here at Abyss Scuba Diving in
Sydney, just drop me an email or give me a call and I can help you plan from
there. It is my pleasure to be able to work with you individually to make
you achieve your goals. With us it is personal and each student is just as
important as the next, and we will go that extra length to ensure you become
a fantastic well rounded PADI professional. I look forward to hearing from
you soon. My email is carl@abyss.com.au and my direct number is 0425259989
which you can contact me on anytime.