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Boat Diving In Sydney


Boat Diving In Sydney

Boat diving allows access to unique and diverse habitats & environments that are impossible to experience any other way. As Sydney-based divers, we are so lucky for what we can experience from a boat; from fur seal diving, Grey Nurse Sharks, close encounters with Whales and Dolphins, diving through ocean caves, swim throughs and loads more.

Access to new unique dive sites: Typical shore dive sites in Sydney is based inside the headlands of our rivers and bays. For shore dive sites, there is generally some water movement that promotes marine life growth, hence supporting a marine ecosystem and resulting in an interesting dive site. The further out to the head you go, the more water movement during tidal changes, which just increases this localised abundance in animal life, offering some really awesome hot spots for awesome dives! Many of these can only be accessed from a dive charter. On such site is the absolute mouth-watering Henry Head dive site, which is really a macro photographer's wet dream, teeming with life. Some would rate this site the best boat night dive location in Sydney!

Due to the underwater topography of Sydney is interesting. We have the shoreline which we all know and see every day, with protruding sea cliffs, sloping rocky shores, sandy beaches and the like… Out from the shore just east of the cliffs is a typical drop in the seabed with depths ranging from 10m all the way down to 30m+… Diving on these offshore drop-offs and underwater walls in so unique, as the East Australian Current flows north to south along these walls creating water flow to generate some truly beautify patches of sponge gardens and fish congregations which make for the perfect dive.

Check out the picture below showing the contours of the ocean bed just outside Botany Bay.


We also have some unique structures underwater just off Cronulla and Botany Bay, which a packed full of fish. Check out the image of Osborn Shoals just out from Cronulla. It starts at 8m and goes all the way down to 20m+. Perfect for an Open Water Diver.

Only a short drive south of Sydney, we can dive with a colony of seasonal Fur Seals from the islands located out of Wollongong Harbour. This diving experience is second to none…

Check out a full schedule of boat dive experiences out of Sydney.

Comfort and ease of diving: Boat diving allows you to have immediate access to dive sites with the direct support of a fully equipped, comfortable dive boat. Warm showers on the boat will allow you to warm up between dives. An anchor line and drop line will allow you to descend directly into the site, rather than like in shore diving where you are required to do surface swims to get to the best descent spot. During drift dives, the boat can easily follow you from the surface and be there immediately after you surface, and best of all you don’t need to negotiate rocky entry points to enter the water to start the dive…

Be able to really use the benefits of Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN): Boat diving allows you to enter easily into 18m of water from the moment you enter the water. Because of these direct descents, you will be able to really use the benefits of extended bottom times from breathing EAN and get longer dives!!!

So whats keeping you,  jump onto a boat dive in Sydney.

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