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Lavacore Both A Wetsuit And A Dive Skin


Lavacore  exposure suits has the characteristics of both a wetsuit and a dive skin, and actually a bit more. Lavacore is designed to be lightweight like a traditional dive skin, but the soft, fleece lining inside provides an extra level of comfort. In essence, it works like a wetsuit to let water in, but unlike a skin, the water is retained adding warmth and comfort. For those wearing a Lavacore suit, it was not only warm, but comfortable without all the “bulk” and added buoyancy of a traditional wetsuit.

Lavacore offering versatility to your wetsuitDesigned by water sports professionals who know the demands and challenges of delivering consistent exposure protection, the Lavacore line can easily be worn as a primary exposure suit in warmer waters or as a supplemental undergarment in colder waters. Lavacore suits are made from an exclusive POLYTHERM™ material. This tri-laminate material retains water next to the body, allows the fabric to breathe, and yet resists the wind and other natural forces that lead to heat loss. The big advantage of the Lavacore suit is when used in combination with a 5mm wetsuit it gives you the versatile from diving in tropical water to temperate temperatures by using different combinations and layering. Another key feature of the Lavacore line is that the suits are not buoyant. “Whether worn as a standalone suit or layered under a wetsuit, Lavacore increases comfort without the bulk and added buoyancy of neoprene.”Lavacore is a technically advanced fabric, constructed and engineered apparel exclusively for diving, offering the ultimate in thermal protection and superior comfort. This unique synthetic construction closely the stretch & movement of a traditional lycra rash vest, whilst providing the insulation qualities of a neoprene wetsuit.


Close to the skin, Lavacore’s soft internal fleece and high 4-way stretch produces the ultimate control, warmth and weight ratio. It does not matter if you are diving, surfing , paddling, jet skiing or Kayaking, Lavacore helps you stay warmer longer. It can be warn as a stand alone garment or under your wetsuit or other garments. Outer Lycra layer is a 180g/sqm knitted tricot with water repellant treatment to ensure fast water run off and anti winchill properties. Inter layer is an impermeable breathable Microporous high stretch PU film which is wind proof and breathable allowing perspiration to be drawn out in hot conditions Inner Fleece layer is a 240g/sqm 4 way stretch polyester fleece with elastane. It has anti pill treatment as well as anti microbial treatment to reduce odour and eliminate bacteria. 

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