Abyss Scuba Diving

Eve Website Perfect For Dive Centers


A dive centre has four pillars to support its activities: training, entertainment, travel and retail sales. Each focuses on the key component - diving! So if you're thinking of joining a dive centre, you know what to expect!

The great thing about Abyss Scuba Diving using the EVE website is that it puts diving at the forefront, which lines up with business goals. Plus, it's clear that the features were made by divers who've spent almost 20 years creating this unique product for the dive industry.

By prioritising diving, we ensure that our site meets the needs of visitors, leading to loyal customers. It's a logical step towards growth.

The top five features of the EVE Website are:

  1. Activity List on Relevant Pages. The coolest feature of the system is you can put a list of activities related to the page right from EVE! For instance, on a seadragon page, you can see real-time availability for those dives with a link to book it. The same goes for deep dives, boat dives, and courses. It's easy now to find info and book a dive that meets your needs!
  2. Media: By easily including high-quality videos and photo galleries on your web pages, you can boost conversions and excite your customers. Plus, your Google ranking benefits from increased time spent on the page and site. Additionally, using the tab system to feature YouTube playlists at the bottom of any webpage further enhances media use.
  3. Details to Customers:  One thing that can really improve a customer's experience is being able to attach relevant documents and notes to receipts and activity reports. This way, the customer has all the details they need, and the staff workload is reduced too.
  4. Advert Component: The tab system places targeted adverts at the bottom of all web pages to promote the right item at the best time. This helps maximise conversions, which is why it's a smart move to use it!
  5. In-Store Integration: The online store is directly connected with the in-store EVE, ensuring that data is transferred seamlessly in real-time. For our customers, this means they get a faster and more efficient purchasing experience with less work involved in processing their orders.


The Eve website also has FAQs, a blog, inspiring picture slides, gift cards, air card sales, gear rental, and more cool stuff!

With the EVE website, a dive centre can streamline all aspects of its business. This means staff can focus more on serving customers' needs, rather than working on orders. Plus, the website puts a greater emphasis on diving, which is what we're all here for!

 The website also encourages customers to explore options they may not have thought of before.

Overall, the EVE platform is packed with great features that can help your diving business succeed. So why wait? Get started today and make it a smart move to use the website! You won't be disappointed. Thanks for choosing Abyss! Dive in and explore the