Abyss Scuba Diving

Eve Website Perfect For Dive Centers


A dive centre is unique in the way that four separate pillars support the centre's activities. These four pillars are training, entertaining, travel and retail sales. Each of these is focused on one key component, the diving.

The big advantage that I see to Abyss Scuba Diving of implementing the EVE website is that it uniquely makes the diving the focus of the website, which aligns the website with the goals of the business. It is obvious that the features were built by divers who have had almost 20 years of experience building this unique product for the dive industry.

By making diving the focus, the site can better meet the needs of the visitors to the site, which in turn helps turn those visitors into loyal customers for that business.

The top five features of the EVE Website are:

  1. Activity List on Relevant Pages. The leading feature of the system is the ability to put directly from EVE a list of activities which relate specifically to that page. So, on a page about seadragons, it is possible to put a real-time list of when seadragon dives are happening, along with availability and a link to book that dive, similarly with deep dives, boat dives, along with each course. This feature makes it much easier for the diver to find information on activities and then book a diving activity to meet their needs.
  2. Media: The ability to easily install high-quality relevant videos and photo galleries into each webpage increases conversion rates by exciting customers and at the same time improves google ranking by increasing time on page and on site. The Ability to use the tab system to use YouTube playlist at the bottom of any webpage builds further on the use of media.
  3. 3.       Details to Customers: A little feature that improves the experience of the customer is the ability to include specific documents and written test with all receipt and activity notes.  This feature helps ensure that the customer has all the details that they may need and at the same time reduces the workload on the staff.
  4. Advert Component: The tab system which enables targeted adverts to be placed at the bottom of all webpages can help maximise conversions through promoting the right item at the best time.
  5. In-Store Integration: The online store is fully integrated with the instore EVE, meaning that there is a real-time transfer of data between the two, making it easier for the customer and saving significant labour in processing orders


Other features of the Eve website include FAQ pages, a blog, inspirational sliders, gift cars, air card sales, gear rental and much more.

By implementing the EVE website a dive centre can service all four pillars of its business while increasing the focus of the online business on diving and at the same time freeing up staff from working on orders to better serve the customers needs.