Abyss Scuba Diving

Komodo Trip 2019


Komodo is often immediately associated with the Komodo Dragons, which are pretty cool and was pretty impressive to see these huge lizards on our recent Abyss trip to Komodo, Indonesia. The Komodo dragons aren’t the only impressive thing about Komodo though. The underwater world is so diverse and offers some incredible diving opportunities.

16 of us just came back from 8 days on the Indo Siren Liveaboard after a couple of flights, stopping through Bali on each way. Days were filled with little else than eating and diving on repeat =) We would spend up to four and half hours each day underwater with dives varying from lots of current and drift diving, to calm muck dives, with lots of beautiful corals and sponges, magnetic volcanic black sand. Some dives were filled with just hanging mid-water and watching the sharks, barracudas, Giant Trevallys hunting amongst schools of jacks, fusiliers. Other divers had us trying to stay still in current with mantas gracefully swimming right over our heads, practically face slapping us with their wings. Other dives were filled with us amongst the sand, seagrass, reefs, fallen timber finding loads of Ornate, Robust, and Halemida Ghost Pipefish, as well as different kinds of octopuses, from big, shy common day octopuses, to mimic octopuses, coconut, yellow-ringed and wonderpus octopuses as well. Loads of different nudibranchs, Spanish dancers, flamboyant cuttlefish, and way too many shrimps and crabs to count! Most impressive was the dugong that swam past us as we were riding the current through Shotgun dive site!!! And of course turtles, so many even on one dive site, we referred to it as turtle garden.

 With the variety of dive sites, you never knew what you were going to see on each dive, or how much current you were going to get, making every dive different! The dive sites surrounding the volcano were definitely different from any dive site I’ve done before. With the extremely healthy coral life, the amazing reef colours exceeded that of any other reef dive I’ve done, especially against the black sand, the colours just really stood out, so much so that I didn’t really care if I saw any fish, I just enjoyed looking at the colours.

 Dive holidays are always fun, and with Abyss we have a great time, with a great group and new dive buddies for life!