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A Guide To The Best Scuba Diving Computers [2024]


A Guide to the Best Scuba Diving Computers [2024]

Keen for a dive but puzzled over which tech should join you beneath the waves? Luck's on your side! We're about to delve into the best scuba diving computers available today.

This isn't just any tech talk. We're spotlighting the finest from Abyss Scuba Diving. Whether you're fresh to the scene or a diving vet, the right gear is crucial for a top-notch underwater experience.

Expect a tour of prime scuba diving computers, their key features, benefits, and suitability for various underwater environments and preferences. Your ideal dive buddy awaits!

Tips on Choosing Your Ideal Dive Computer

Diving in Australia's breathtaking waters demands the best scuba diving computers, much like a dependable friend beneath the surface. Here's what to consider:

  • Clarity Is Key: From the crystal-clear Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania's shadowy kelp forests, opt for a computer with a luminous display that's a breeze to read.

  • Simplicity Wins: You're there to soak up the beauty of the deep, not wrestle with complicated gear. Hunt for a dive computer that's a cinch to operate, even while wearing gloves.

  • Ready for Nitrox: Fancy extending your time among the reefs? Ensure your device supports nitrox mixes.

  • Tough as They Come: Aussie seas present a challenge. Your gear needs to withstand it all, from fierce currents to wreck dives.

  • Depth Matters: Whether it's a shallow coral dance or a deep-sea exploration, precise depth readings and decompression info are essential for safety.

  • Adapt to the Locale: Consider your frequent dive spots. Warm waters differ vastly from the cooler, temperate zones in their demands.

Maybe you're drawn to the warmth of the Whitsundays, requiring tech suited for salty conditions. Or perhaps the SS Yongala's depths call to you, necessitating a device with a sturdy build and enhanced depth functionality.

Regardless, the right dive computer should seamlessly integrate into your underwater adventures across diverse Australian seascapes.

8 Best Scuba Diving Computers in 2024

Let's dive into the best scuba diving computers of 2024, showcasing top picks for Australian divers from Abyss Scuba Diving. These gadgets are not just about diving deep; they're about diving smart.

1. Oceanic Proplus 3 w/sh Compass & Qd (AU$ 1,804.05)

For those who value clarity under the sea, the Oceanic Proplus 3 is unmatched. Its large display and legible digits mean you can keep an eye on vital dive data without squinting. 

Dual algorithm technology offers flexibility in planning your dives, while the air time remaining feature keeps you informed about your underwater time management. Perfect for navigating the diverse Australian waters, from the coral-rich Great Barrier Reef to the mysterious wrecks off the coast.

2. Shearwater Teric (AU$ 1575.00)

The Shearwater Teric combines style with high-tech functionality. Its bright, vivid colour display is not only a treat for the eyes but also offers an intuitive menu for easy customisation. 

With multiple dive modes and a dive log capacity of 500 hours, it's suited for any adventure, whether it's freediving in the Whitsundays or tech diving in the cooler southern seas.

3. Suunto Eon Steel Black with USB Cable (AU$ 1,424.05)

The Suunto Eon Steel is a fortress of technology strapped to your wrist. Its clear colour display and digital compass guide you through the underwater realms with precision. 

With its customisable interface and connectivity to a wireless transmitter pod, it's like having a personal dive assistant. Ideal for the tech-savvy diver exploring the depths around Australia.

4. Suunto EON Core Black Dive Computer with USB Cable (AU$ 949.05)

A lighter counterpart to the Eon Steel, the Suunto EON Core offers similar cutting-edge features with a sleek design. 

Water-resistant up to 80 meters and equipped with a customisable interface, it's built for both new and seasoned divers. The perfect companion for those who want to explore a little bit of everything Australia's oceans have to offer.

5. Suunto D5 Dive Computer Watch - All Black with USB Cable (AU$ 949.05)

The Suunto D5 is as stylish as it is functional. With its bright colour display, built-in compass, and Bluetooth connectivity, it's designed for ease of use. 

Whether you're planning a dive or logging your latest adventure, the D5 makes it a breeze. An ideal pick for divers who appreciate design and functionality.

6. Oceanic Veo 4.0 Bluetooth - Combo (AU$ 711.55)

The Oceanic Veo 4.0 brings modern tech to the diving world with its slim design and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Featuring advanced capabilities like multiple gas mixes and dive modes, it's tailored for divers who demand versatility. Plus, with diver-replaceable batteries, it's ready for any dive anytime, anywhere around Australia.

7. Suunto Zoop Novo Black (AU$ 407.55)

The Suunto Zoop Novo is the go-to for divers who want simplicity without sacrificing functionality. 

Its large display and full decompression algorithm keep your dives safe and straightforward. With a built-in dive planner and graphical logs, it's perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

8. Atmos Mission One Computer - Black (AU$ 699.00)

The Atmos Mission One is a powerhouse of navigation and logging. Integrated GPS and a digital compass make it your underwater guide, while the high-res colour display and intelligent alarm system keep you informed and safe. 

With a rechargeable battery offering up to 40 hours of dive time, it's designed for epic Australian dive adventures.

Whether you're exploring shallow reefs or deep wrecks, there's a perfect tech companion for your underwater journeys at our shop. Dive into 2024 with the best scuba diving computers from Abyss Scuba Diving and make every dive unforgettable.

Disclaimer: Prices shown in the article are as of March 2024; these prices may be changed at any time without further notice.