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Atomic T25 Reculator

If you want the best looking and best breathing regulator on the market that is also a limited edition then the Atomic T25 is for you. It is beautiful above and below the water and with very limited numbers you will need to get it quick.

The Atomic T25 is a regulator that is plated with a proprietary diamond-like hardness coating (DLC), that is very close to diamond type hardness and gives the regulator a uniquely beautiful finish.

The regulator is sealed and balanced and super lightweight. The unique sealed piston design is a must-have! Including a swivel turret with 5 LP and 2 HP ports, featuring a 360-degree swivel and balanced chamber on the second stage. Also featuring Atomics Patented AFC automatic flow control valve.

I would love to say I have one here for you to dive like we offer for all our products but this one is so limited we cannot offer this ☹. So go on treat yourself, get in fast and get this amazing reg and tell me how great it is..